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BrailleBuzz, a black & yellow bee shaped toy for braille readers with honeycomb shaped braille letter keys & Perkins keyboard.

TVI and Kindergartener's Review of the Braille Buzz

When I arrived at school after winter break, I was excited to obtain the BrailleBuzz for my kindergarten student. According to the APH website, “BrailleBuzz is...
A man's hands: one hand holding a vitamin jar & other hand holding a Talking Wand - a pen-like tool.

Talking Wand

The world is filled with written word. I discovered this awesome tool to help my students bring words to voice with the touch of a wand. The wand is used to...
Screenshot of Feelif Graph: Sine graph with wavy lines above and below the horizontal axis.

Feelif Creator: Review

Feelif Creator is an adapted tablet (currently a Samsung Galazy Tablet) with special accessible apps that combine haptics (vibrations), sounds, an embossed...