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Black line drawing of a square house with text, "Welcome to Wyatt's House by Stephanie Bissonette."

Welcome to Wyatt's House: O&M lesson

The challenge put forth to me was to create a mobility lesson while using a high tech app. Imagine my student, a 2 year old child who is totally blind trailing...
Wendy's logo with text below: "Wendy's has a little girl."

Cody's Favorite LOGOs iBook

Cody, a high school student with multiple disabilities due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI), is learning to visually identify and name fast food signs in his...
Cody standing at the front door of Sheetz Gas Station.

Cody went to Sheetz: iBook

Cody, a high school student with traumatic brain injury (TBI), uses an iBook to retell his Sheetz Gas Station O&M lesson.  One of Cody's IEP goals is to be...