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Cartoon image of girl sitting at a home desk during Zoom class and text, "TVI Push-in During Zoom Class"

TVI "Push-In" During Zoom Class

Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs) quietly and unobtrusively teach within the gen ed classroom. Subtle verbal or physical prompts are often needed to...
Image of movie projector, film, and action board with text, "Videos"

Creating Videos with Visual Impairments

Students are creating videos to use in multimedia presentations in early elementary school. While tech standards vary across the country, by 4th or 5th grade,...
Photo of Diane Lurye, a special education resource teacher

Bookshare: Back to School Series #1

Welcome to the first blog in our Back to School with Bookshare series. Over the next two months, we will publish a series of blogs specifically designed to...