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First grade student wearing glasses with hands exploring a tactile map and text, "Building World Concepts"

Building World Concepts with Tactile Graphics

Remember sitting down with the family to watch slides after the grandparents went on vacation? Fast forward to 21st century grandparents - who FaceTime from...
Image of Alexa with  "Create Alexa skills in minutes"; and title of post "Alexa Blueprints: the easy way to make your own skills

Alexa Blueprints: The Easy Way to Make Your Own Skills

Alexa seems like it (or she) has become a part of our culture.  As more and more homes are subscribing to WiFi services, smart speakers such as Google Home and...
Image of Apple Podcast logo and text, "Podcasts? What is that?"

Podcast? What is that?

Podcasts are a good source of information, entertainment, and education. Perkins recently released a Podcast called eLearning to go. I mentioned it to a...