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Image of a PowerPoint being created with the color menu and text, "PowerPoint Layout with a screen reader".

Dr. Robinson teaches how to Design a Great Background for PowerPoint presentation

Many different options for beautiful backgrounds that stand out so the world stands up and cheers. Editor's Note: This video tutorial demonstrates how to...
Screenshot from attached video showing Excel spreadsheet with labeled Sales for Lemonade bar chart.

Excel and label everything in your graph with talking software

Top grades for lessons require labeling of your Excel graph. This lessons shows you how to do it quickly using a screen reader.  
Screenshot of Excel spreadsheet with flipped geometry shapes and text, "Excel: Geometry and Shapes"

Excel - Geometry & insert shapes and label graph

Combine with 3D objects or a draftsman tool kit where needed then let your student fly with math lessons using Excel - with screen reader commands.
Screenshot of Excel spreadsheet with Histogram and text, "Creating Histograms Using Excel".

Histogram Excel using keyboard commands

Perform any task creating a graph for math using Excel. Combine with a draftsman tool for young students so they understand the concepts then watch them fly...
Image o a scatter plot created in Excel and the text, "Excel Scatter Plot"

Quadratic Trend-line with scatter plot graph including equation in Excel with Jaws talking software

Complete the most complicated math graphs using excel then move the graph right into your word document to complete math work quickly and with beauty and grace...
Image of Wikipedia website with Reader Mode - one column of text with two images. Text, "Chrome Reader Mode"

Rid clutter from webpage in reader view mode for Chrome

Clean webpages up so it is quick and easy to read either visually or with talking software. Editor's Note: This video tutorial provides step-by-step...
image of handwritten "Jane Doe" and text, "Create an electronic signature"

Accessibility-How to make your signature Electronic and insert it into a Document

Get rid of the printer and access the world through your computer when it is required to sign your name to a document. Editor's Note: This video tutorial...
Photo a hand holding a black sharpie pen about to write with the text, "Creating a Digital Signature".

Create, Scan, change and insert signature perfectly into a document

Rid yourself of a printer by using this electronic way to insert your legal signature anywhere.
Image with the text, "Set up System Restore to recover your computer/files/folders - anything

System Restore to recover your computer/files/folders - anything

Here are the powerful tools to set your computer up to recover any lost file or folder.
Cover of program with the text, "Crossings with No Traffic Control" by Dona Sauerburger, COMS Copyright 2017 APH.

New APH Street Crossings Computer Program

Independent travelers who are visually impaired need to be able to analyze situations at crossing where there is no traffic control, including recognizing when...
Photo of a chalkboard with a sun, paw print & the words Here Comes the Sun written in different colored chalk.

Using Technology to Access the Song "Here Comes the Sun"

The first evening of summer, the song “Here Comes the Sun” popped into my head, as I reflected over the school year and the progress one of my student’s has...
Google Map with colorful pushpins and text, "Pushpin Google Map"

How to create a digital pushpin map

We all know Google Maps are a very useful tool when it comes to previewing locations and getting directions, but did you know that you can create a digital...
screenshot of Facebook keyboard shortcut commands and text, "Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts"

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook is a popular social media website first developed by Mark Zuckerberg while he was a student at Havard in 2004. Registered Facebook users create...
Title image with Quorum logo and the text, "Accessible Coding, Quorum"

Accessible Coding

When I was in high school, i remember being under the impression that only the “really super smart kids” would be able to learn computer code in their “...
Text of title graphic: Changing the Size of Windows Desktop Icons

Changing the Size of Windows Desktop Icons

If you are a visual computer user and you have a difficult time seeing the icons on your desktop, this post is for you! With one of two methods, you will be...
Screenshot of Windows 10 Settings displaying Make Everything Bigger slider.

Windows 10 Build 17692: Accessibility and more!

Microsoft is constantly working on improving their software. Recently released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17692 has a number of exciting new features...
Hoonuit Free Technology Tutorials Review.

Hoonuit Free Technology Tutorials Review

In recent times, I have been exploring a variety of virtual resources that libraries make available to library cardholders for free, inspired by one of my...
image of a braille display with the text, "Braille Display Standard"

Universal Standard for Braille Displays

In this age of technology, braille displays are frequently connected to devices (computers, tablets and smart phones). Braille display manufacturers and...
A person in a wheelchair using the Tecla Sip-and-Puff to activate the mounted iPhone.

Introduction to 7 common Adaptive Switches

An adaptive switch enables a person who is physically challenged to activate assistive technology devices in their environment. There are a variety of...
Logos for JAWS, Word and Bookshare

Bookshare Books read using Microsoft Word with JAWS

This post was originally two SC listserv emails shared/written by Nancy Irwin, who gave permission to Paths to Technology to re-post. Benetech, the company who...
Graphic of Post Title Text : Control Plus/Minus Versus Windows Magnifier

Comparing the use of Control +/- zooming with Windows Magnifier

Windows computers are the most common type of computer that you will encounter in school, work, and community settings.  As a user who has a visual impairment...
Blog post title text: Helpful Hint for Bluetooth Pairing a Braille Display with JAWS

JAWS Topics: Helpful Hint for Bluetooth Pairing a Braille Display

The other day I was helping a student of mine get her Refreshabraille 18 braille display paired up to her computer.  She has used it to pair with her iPhone...
SoftSchools logo

SoftSchools: Free online games, worksheets and quizzes provides free online games, worksheets and quizzes on a variety of topics, all organized by grade level. SoftSchools Topics  Math Math...
Be My eyes X Microsoft-technical support for the visually impaired.

Be My Eyes x Microsoft: Technical Support for the Visually Impaired

A few months ago, I attended an event for members of my community with vision impairments, with a diverse range of ages and vision levels, and listened to them...
Windows 10: multi-colored panes in the background with "10".

Windows 10 Alt+Tab, Sets and Fluent Design Updates

Numerous updates to Windows 10 were recently announced at Build 2018; some of these updates have already been launched while others will be launched soon....
House Hunt Logo; image of cartoon Peep sitting in an overturned tin can and the words, 'House Hunt'.

House Hunt: Preschool Matching Game

Adorable Peep - a chick from Peep and the Big Wide World series - puts a new twist on the classic matching game! Instead of matching two identical items, turn...
Finger hovering over the bright Pinterest app logo on a black screen on a smart phone.

Pinterest Accessibility

Pinterest is an online service that allows you to share images through social networking. Pinterest enables users to post images of ideas to a "board"; these...
Screenshot of Excel spreadsheet and chart: Amy's Shopping Budget

Excel Mini-Courses in 4 minutes: Budget

Learn how to create simple Excel budgets and charts through these quick mini-lessons. Each lesson has step-by-step written directions accompanied by a short...
Photo: Overhead view of a student creating a graph on a computer.

10 Awesome and Surprising Ways You can Use Google Docs in the Classroom

Google Docs is a powerful tool which is being used in numerous classrooms across the country. We Are Teachers shared a great article about beneficial Google...
Typio Logo and text, "Type Online: A Web Based Self Voicing Typing Program"

Typio Online: A Web Based Self Voicing Typing Program

In a previous post, I shared five typing programs that could be used to teach blind and low vision students touch typing skills.  One of those programs was...
Welcome to Making Progress Monitoring Easier through Google Forms by Yvonne Franz

Progress Monitoring with Google Forms

Using Google forms for progress monitoring has made my life much simpler. Being able to have the form on an iPad or phone allows for quick access and easier...
Drawing of a large screen displaying a PowerPoint presentation with a pie chart graphic and lines for text.

PowerPoint and Screen Readers

Even young students are learning to create simple multi-media presentations using PowerPoint. (Read more about  teaching students PowerPoint here and another...
OneNote Logo with text, "OneNote"

Microsoft OneNote and Screen Readers

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that enables you to capture, organize and share information. For general information on OneNote and how to get started...
Project Zanzibar mat with a man's finger tracing individual alphabet cards. The traced letter appears on the tablet by the mat.

Project Zanzibar

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled its latest research project, Project Zanzibar. Project Zanzibar blends digital and physical worlds by sensing touch, gestures and...
Capti Voice Narrator App Review.

Capti Voice Narrator App Review

Earlier today, I realized that I had to read a long online article before going to a lecture. This task sounded very tiring, since I had just finished a two...
Image of lines with text: 'Braille Quiz'

How to Give a Spelling Test Using Google Forms, Sheets and Flubaroo!

Tech savvy classroom teachers in the 21st Century are using Google Forms, Sheets and Flubaroo (add-on) to create, grade and tests, including weekly spelling...
SpellQuiz Logo

Accessibility Review of SpellQuiz Website

SpellQuiz is a an online spelling quiz program, offering students opportunities to learn and practice spelling words. SpellQuiz includes spelling words for...
Five ways to simplify reading with technology.

Five Ways to Simplify Reading with Technology

It's easy to get distracted while reading text. Weird text formatting, random images, difficult-to-read font, and confusing words can all impact the reader's...
Screenshot of split screen on Mac

How to Use a Split Screen to Increase productivity in the Classroom

All students should be efficient using their devices and productivity apps - including students with visual impairments. In a recent post, we looked at using...
Photo of a man pointing to a computer screen and woman looking at where the man is pointing.

Professional Development for Educators: Accessible Computer Science Principles

AccessCSforAll will be holding an AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) Professional Development for teachers of the blind and visually impaired. AP CSP helps...