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ZoomText logo and text, "ZoomText Basics"

ZoomText Basics

Zoomtext is a screen magnifier for Microsoft Windows - available for PCs and Macs - developed by Ai Squared. ZoomText is available in two editions: ZoomText...
Dr. Jackson holding an iPad using VoiceDream Reader app with enlarged print & inverted colors for Audio-Supported Reading..

Getting Started with Audio-Supported Reading

GETTING STARTED WITH ASR Introduction Audio-Supported Reading (ASR) is a technology-based approach for accessing and working with text presented in either...
Logo: Magnifier with sound waves and a Large Z in the top left corner..

ZoomText and ZoomText Fusion: magnification software

ZoomText Fusion is the new software package that provides the features and benefits of ZoomText magnifier plus a full screen reader.  Fusion is perfect for...