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Cartoon image of two teachers standing behind a student who is using a computer; text: "Tech Standards"

Tech Standards for Students with VIB: What's Happening

Students with visual impairments and blindness are successfully using technology in the classroom and it is exciting to see how technology has a positive...
Photo of an iPad and Bluetooth keyboard with the VoiceOver blackbox cursor on the Docs icon.

Strategies for Becoming Tech Power-User!

As educators, our primary job when teaching screen reader skills to students is to teach the basic gestures (tablets), keyboard commands and/or braille display...
man sitting at a table viewing a website on a touch screen device.

WebAIM Screen Reader Survey #7 Results

Over the years, WebAim has facilitated surveys about the preferences of screen reader users. The 7th survey, which was done in October 2017, received 1,792...