Tech Ideas

A person in a wheelchair using the Tecla Sip-and-Puff to activate the mounted iPhone.

Introduction to 7 common Adaptive Switches

Tecla shares information about 7 types of switches that can be used to control tech devices.
Image with the text "Writing Accessible Code" and lines of code terminology.

Checklist: How to make your iOS app more accessible

Here is a great resource for developers who want to include accessibility in their iOS app.
outline drawing of a smartphone with circle arrow representing refresh or update.

iOS 11.4 software update

AirPlay 2, messages in the Cloud, ClassKit framework and more
Image of TMAP - black tactile lines indicating streets and a circle indicating the location of the original address.

TMAP: Tactile Maps Automated Production

Low cost on-demand tactile street maps.
Hand on electronic door knob of open door with standard hotel room in the background.

iOS 12: Contactless Interaction

Potentially use your phone to unlock doors and as a virtual transit card.
Windows 10: multi-colored panes in the background with "10".

Windows 10 Alt+Tab, Sets and Fluent Design Updates

Microsoft announced these new features which will improve productivity.
Cartoon image of a pencil placing a check mark in one of three checkboxes.

Assistive Technology Skills & Products Survey

We need more data and guidelines about AT for our students with visual impairments! Please take a few minutes to complete this survey!
Screenshot of Office Lens app displaying a scanned manual page with options to scan another page or done buttons.

Office Lens: Convert Print to Digital Materials (video)

Office Lens is a free scanner/OCR app that works with Microsoft applications.
Image of Blue Amazon Echo Dot - Kids Edition.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Kid-friendly content on the Echo Dot Kids Edition!
Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology logo

Accessibility Staff Training

Training resources for employers; also beneficial for training university staff!
Photo of a horse head wearing a dressage bridle with speech bubble, "horse, dressage".

Automatic Image Descriptions on iOS

How to turn on and add personal descriptions of photos/images using VoiceOver.
Finger hovering over the bright Pinterest app logo on a black screen on a smart phone.

Pinterest Accessibility

Use Pinterest to find creative educational ideas and activities for students who are visually impaired and blind.
Screenshot of Excel spreadsheet and chart: Amy's Shopping Budget

Excel Mini-Courses in 4 minutes: Budget

Quick and easy computer lessons for kids grades 4+ on how to create Excel budget and charts.
Photo: Overhead view of a student creating a graph on a computer.

10 Awesome and Surprising Ways You can Use Google Docs in the Classroom

Learn how to use Google Docs in your classroom to make elearning interesting of your students and teacher life a lot easier!
Image of an iPad displaying Switch settings, two round switch buttons, and Tapio switch interface.

iOS and Switch Control: Tapio

Learn more about using switch controls with iOS devices!
Image with Text: Freedom Scientific Products and Windows Update

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update and Freedom Scientific

What you need to know about the version of Windows!
Image with text: What is new in Braille Technology?

Technology Review from CSUN

Here is an overview of the 2018 developments in braille technology.
Speech bubble with the text, "Alexa, text John."

A New Twist on Applying Voice Assistants

Using voice assistants (Alexa or Google Home) to keep connected.
Photo of a large conference room filled with TVIs.

Have app idea? Share with Blindfold Games!

We need accessible educational apps - here i your opportunity to make it happen!
Drawing of a large screen displaying a PowerPoint presentation with a pie chart graphic and lines for text.

PowerPoint and Screen Readers

Step-by-step directions on how to use a screen reader to create PowerPoint Presentations.