Tech Ideas

Transit App Logo

Transit App Tutorial: Part 1

Watch this video tutorial of the Transit App created by an O&M!
Spilled container of movie popcorn and movie tickets.

Movie Theater Accessibility Compliance

Is your movie theater complying with the ADA accessibility requirements that went into full effect in June 2018?
outline image of 3D printer with text, "3D Printing Resources"

3D Printer Resources

Interested in learning more about 3D printing for students with visual impairments?
smiling young girl and text, "Caring for a child with Disabilities"

Caring for a Child with Disabilities Resource Guide

Looking for care options, funding and free resources?

What is the math symbol in braille for (blank) ?

Use this searchable database to find the math symbol in Nemeth, EBAE or Simulated Braille - student-friendly definitions included too!
Image of a desk top.

My Desk: iBook

Accessible iBook about what the writer does at his or her desk.
Diverse group of people with text, "Culture of Accessibility"

How we created a culture of accessibility at SAS

How an accessibility culture was developed in a major company.
podcast icon and text, "Narrator Podcast"

Narrator Update: Podcast Demo

Learn more about Microsoft's exciting improvements to their native screen reader, Narrator.
small white 20-cell braille display with black keys; up and down arrows on both sides of the braille, cursor buttons underneath.

Braille Me: new refreshable braille display

Check out this low cost braille display!
Image of a Question Mark

Research survey on computer use of adults

This research will help schools to understand what tools blind children need to know!
Laptop on student's lap displaying JAWS logo and text below photo, "JAWS 2018 Updates"

JAWS 2018 Updates

Check out these new July 2018 JAWS updates!
photo of Windows 10 PC with screen displaying the text, "Your device is being protected"

Windows 10 in S Mode

Learn more about S Mode (Security Mode) and how this works with assistive technology.
Microsoft Forms Logo

Microsoft Forms and Take a Test

Microsoft's software for creating tests and for 'locking down' devices during testing.
Adult zebra with two baby zebras and the text, "Animals".

Animals: iBook

An accessible iBook about animals and where they live.
silhouette of movie theater with text on the screen, "Accessing Audio Descriptions"

How to enable audio description on your smart phone

Want audio descriptions to your movies and TVI shows to automatically activate?
Time Series plot showing dividend titled "Cash amount by Ex/Eff Date"

Reviewing Charts and Graphs: SAS Graphics Accelerator

What is the Accelerator and how do you use it to review charts and graphs?
image with text, "JAWS: Drag and Drop"

Drag and Drop with Jaws talking software and keyboard commands

Learn how to move that cursor around your page to activate anything with keyboard commands....and do it faster than a mouse user
Smyle Mouse logo

Smyle Mouse: Control your computer with just a smile!

Hands-free, voice-free controller for your computer or tablet.
Image of PowerPoint blank slide and text, PowerPoint JAWS keyboard commands"

Get to know PowerPoint with keyboard commands

Learn JAWS keyboard commands to move quickly around PPT.