Tech Ideas

image of handwritten "Jane Doe" and text, "Create an electronic signature"

Accessibility-How to make your signature Electronic and insert it into a Document

Make your legal signature electronic to insert into documents.
Photo a hand holding a black sharpie pen about to write with the text, "Creating a Digital Signature".

Create, Scan, change and insert signature perfectly into a document

Never print off on paper again to sign a document.
Image with the text, "Set up System Restore to recover your computer/files/folders - anything

System Restore to recover your computer/files/folders - anything

Did you ever panic when you lost a file? Here is how you solve this issue forever
Screen shot of the Braillenote Touch

Braillenote Touch: A Successful Tool

Braillenote Touch accomplishes many tasks and enjoyable to use.
Cover of program with the text, "Crossings with No Traffic Control" by Dona Sauerburger, COMS Copyright 2017 APH.

New APH Street Crossings Computer Program

Computer program that teaches concepts and skills on how to cross streets with no traffic control.
Computer screen and keyboard

Video Demonstration of Editing Using Bluetooth Keyboard

Learn how to edit using Google Docs and VoiceOver!
screenshot of Facebook keyboard shortcut commands and text, "Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts"

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Tips to help you navigate Facebook.
Screen shot of student and vision teacher using FaceTime

The Virtual Vision Class

This post describes the provision of vision services remotely using distance communication applications.
Screenshot of Windows 10 Settings displaying Make Everything Bigger slider.

Windows 10 Build 17692: Accessibility and more!

Want to know what is coming up in Windows 10? Check out this Preview!
Mom and toddler holding a stuffed bear sitting and reading together.

Best Bedtime Stories

Here is a list of free online bedtime stories and tips for bedtime reading!
colorful drawing of a finger tapping a smartphone and text, "Comparing iOS vs. Android Accessibility"

Comparing Smartphone iOS and Android Accessibility

Thinking about purchasing a new smart phone? Compare the native accessibility features built-in iOS and Android.
Image of Matt Landis sitting in a large, open lab.

Living to Serve: video

A veteran who uses technology to help individuals with disabilities.
Math Robot logo with text, "Math Robot for iPhones"

Math Robot now available for iPhones

Practice your math skills anywhere, anytime using your iPhone!
Feelif logo and text, "Feelif Giveaway"

Feelif Gamer GiveAway!

Enter to win a Feelif Gamer!
image of a braille display with the text, "Braille Display Standard"

Universal Standard for Braille Displays

Braille display manufacturers and operating systems work together to create braille display standards!
Image with text, "WWDC 2018"

Apple's World Wide Developer Conference 2018

Latest Apple news including the upcoming release of iOS 12, macOS 10.14 Moiave, watchOS 5 and tvOS12.
A person in a wheelchair using the Tecla Sip-and-Puff to activate the mounted iPhone.

Introduction to 7 common Adaptive Switches

Tecla shares information about 7 types of switches that can be used to control tech devices.
Image with the text "Writing Accessible Code" and lines of code terminology.

Checklist: How to make your iOS app more accessible

Here is a great resource for developers who want to include accessibility in their iOS app.
outline drawing of a smartphone with circle arrow representing refresh or update.

iOS 11.4 software update

AirPlay 2, messages in the Cloud, ClassKit framework and more
Image of TMAP - black tactile lines indicating streets and a circle indicating the location of the original address.

TMAP: Tactile Maps Automated Production

Low cost on-demand tactile street maps.