Tech Ideas

EquatIO logo and text, "Accessible Editable math"


Making digital math accessible!
WebAim logo and text, Survey of Users with Low Vision

Survey of Users with Low Vision #2

Students with low vision - help make your needs known!
Reading Adventure Time Logo and text, "Reading Adventure Time App"

Reading Adventure Time iOS App

FREE reading skills app designed specifically for braille readers!
Screenshot of FlickType with text, 'FlickType. Keyboard for Blind and Low Vision Users

FlickType Keyboard

Typing on your smart device has never been so easy.
Image of a computer with "Google" on the screen and text, "Google User Stories"

How has Google products helped you?

Share your story with Google!
Skype logo and text, "Answering Calls with Skype 8: JAWS"

Answering Calls with Skype 8: JAWS

Information about how to use Skype 8 with JAWS.
Image of two iPhones with text," Fix Your iPhone: DIY"

Fix Your iPhone: DIY

Phone not charging? Speaker too quiet? Chord fraying? Here are ways to fix these issues and more!
Photo of 16 year old girl playing a guitar with the text, "Kendra".

Learning about Kendra: Video

Kendra, a 16 year old student, shares about her passion for music.
Transit App Logo and text, "Transit App Part 3"

Transit App Tutorial: Part 3

Follow this Transit App video tutorial series created by a COMS.
Transit app Logo and text, :Transit App Part 2

Transit App Tutorial: Part 2

Follow this video tutorial series written by a COMS about the Transit App!

2018 Back-to-School Readiness Survey

Please take this 5 minute Bookshare survey!
Transit App Logo

Transit App Tutorial: Part 1

Watch this video tutorial of the Transit App created by an O&M!
Spilled container of movie popcorn and movie tickets.

Movie Theater Accessibility Compliance

Is your movie theater complying with the ADA accessibility requirements that went into full effect in June 2018?
outline image of 3D printer with text, "3D Printing Resources"

3D Printer Resources

Interested in learning more about 3D printing for students with visual impairments?
smiling young girl and text, "Caring for a child with Disabilities"

Caring for a Child with Disabilities Resource Guide

Looking for care options, funding and free resources?

What is the math symbol in braille for (blank) ?

Use this searchable database to find the math symbol in Nemeth, EBAE or Simulated Braille - student-friendly definitions included too!
Image of a desk top.

My Desk: iBook

Accessible iBook about what the writer does at his or her desk.
Diverse group of people with text, "Culture of Accessibility"

How we created a culture of accessibility at SAS

How an accessibility culture was developed in a major company.