Tech Ideas

Three teens with canes looking at and listening to an iPhone.

Indoor Navigation: App Boost for Blind

Indoor navigation using beacons and BlindSquare.
Thumb activating 3D Touch in Maps on the iPhone 6s

3D Touch with VoiceOver: iPhone 6s

How to use 3D Touch on an iPhone.
Purple and orange logo: NV Access

NVDA and NVDA listserv: Free Screen Reader for Windows

NVDA, a free screen reader app for Windows computer.
Logo: Letter G on folded back blue square with Chinese character behind.

Google Translate app: iOS and Android Apps

Instantly translate spoken words or signage with Google Translate mobile app.
red circle with microphone drawing in the center.

Google Voice Commands

Google supports voice commands.
Brightly colored barn wrapped in a red blindfold.

Blindfold Barnyard: iOS app

Blindfold Barnyard is a fully accessible audio iOS game that teaches cardinal directions.
Brightly colored cube with a rabbit, triangle and square on differen sides of the cube.

Visus 6 Light Box: Android App

Information about Visus 6 Light Box, an Adroid app for students with cortical visual impairment (CVI).

Vision Test: iOS and Android Apps

iOS and Android app that tests visual acuity and more.
picture of a jockey on a running racehorse with a red blindfold around the horse.

Blindfold RaceHorse: iOS app

Blindfold Horse Race is a fully accessible audio game where you race your horse against other horses.
Image of an Android screen with six app logos.

Android Apps Addressing Low Vision

Here are some favorite low vision apps for Android users.
Screenshot of a scientific graphing calculator and graph with four curved colored lines.

Scientific Graphing Calculator 2: iOS and Android Apps

Information about a Scientific Graphing Calculator app.
Woman with guide dog holding iPhone and traveling independently past museum exhibit.

Indoor Navigation at the NC Museum Of Natural Sciences

Indoor navigation with beacons and BlindSquare.
Screenshot of Apple Maps route from Perkins School for the Blind to Watertown Diner.

Using Third-Party GPS Apps in Conjunction with BlindSquare

Instructions on how to plan a route using BlindSquare and Apple Maps or Google Maps.
Logo: Magnifier with sound waves and a Large Z in the top left corner..

ZoomText and ZoomText Fusion: magnification software

Information and training videos for ZoomText and ZoomText Fusion.
Image of a computer displaying an enlarged picture of a sports car.

Screen Enlargement and Readers - Teaching Students With Visual Impairments

Article describing various screen enlargement and screen reader programs.
iPhone with earbuds and brailled text: "BlindSquare".

BlindSquare Quick Tip: Changing the BlindSquare Voice

Quick tip on how and why to change the voices when using the BlindSquare app.
Taptic-edu: Brightly colored individual yellow braille tiles and blue braille display.

Taptic-edu: a Smart Braille Coaching Device

Introducing Taptic-edu, a new braille learning device that pairs with an iOS device.
Computer screen with a professor, tablet and phone displaying course information

The Blackboard Online Coursework and Learning Environment

An article about Blackboard web accessibility for users with visual impairments.