Tech Ideas

Cortana symbol: Black screen with the outline of a bright blue circle.

Cortana Tips and Tricks for Windows 10 Users

Check out these Cortana Tips!
Screenshot of Tactile Map iPad Overlay

Creating a Tactile Overlay

Instructions on how to create a tactile overlay for the iPad.
Right hand holding an iPhone beside a robotic left hand.

The Tech Giving People Power to Deal with Disability

Cutting-edge tecthnology that enables people with disabilities.
Braille display being held and another type of braille display in the background.

Braille Device Review

Comparison of different refreshable braille displays.
Drawing of a boy with a cap holding a steering wheel

Blindfold Racer: iOS App

Blindfold Racer is a popular fully accessible driving game where you use your ears instead of your eyes.
Two men - one holding a long cane - are interacting with prototype technology.

Facebook's Working on a Tool to Help the Blind "See" Images

Facebook developing tool to help blind see images.
Logo: A red blindfold between the words "Word" and "Games".

Blindfold Word Games: Word Ladder, Word Flick, Hangman and Unscramble

Blindfold Word Games are an accessible iOS app that includes Word Ladder, Word Flick, Hangman and Unscramble.
Two fingers on the iPhone displaying the rotor symbol.

VoiceOver Rotor Options on iDevices

Learn how to use the Rotor on iOS devices: information and activities.
Woman holding older flip phone to her ear and new iPhone in front of her.

Are You Afraid to Take Up New Smart Phone or other iDevice?

A blind woman shares practical suggestions on how to start using an iPhone with VoiceOver.
Image of Aracade logo: text of Accessibyte Arcade

Accessibibyte Aracade: 6 Accessible Games (Windows)

Accessibyte Arcade is a collection of 6 accessible Windows computer games.
Image of Windows 10 logo

How to Manage Accessibility Features in Windows 10

Description of Windows 10 built-in accessibility settings.
Keyboard image of third-level VO chart

Chart: Third-Level VoiceOver Commands, OS X Yosemite (Mac)

Quick reference chart for third-level VoiceOver commands for OS X Yosemite (Mac).
Logo: Black background with white"bs" in braille.

Intro to BlindSquare: iOS Navigation App

Basic introduction to the BlindSquare iOS navigation app.
Image of APH 18 Refreshabraille

Tricks to Pairing the APH 18 Refreshabraille with an iPad

Help in pairing the APH 18 Refreshabraille with an iPad
Keyboard image of second-level VO chart

Chart: Second-Level VoiceOver Commands for OS X Yosemite (Mac)

Quick reference chart for second-level VoiceOver commands for OS X Yosemite.
Computer with Windows 10 Mail logo: blue screen with white envelope.

Accessibility Update for Windows 10 Mail

Information on how to use Mail with Windows 10 and a screen reader.
Keyboard Image of VoiceOver commands on Mac

Chart: First-Level VoiceOver Commands, OS X Yosemite (Mac)

Quick reference chart for first-level VoiceOver commands for Yosemite (Mac).
Brightly colored books standing in a row.

100 Picture Books with Image Descriptions: Bookshare

Bookstore's to 100 picture book collection.