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Fingers on a braille display paired with an iPad displaying the calendar app.

10 More Tips for Braille Display Users of iDevices

Want to be more efficient with your braille display?
Finger reading braille characters on a braille display.

iDevice Primer: Braille Devices

Facts about using braille device with Apple products.
Girl with albinism standing and smiling at camera

Samantha: Self-Advocating Transition to Middle School Video

Video demonstrating student's eye condition, educational needs and personality as student transitions to middle school.
Image of an iZiggi Document Camera and iPad.

iZiggi Document Camera: Accessing Near and Distance Materials Video

Video demonstrating iZiggi Wireless Document Camera to access near and distance materials.
Logo:bright blue, bright green and bright yellow pages with top right corners flipped.

Getting Started with Google Docs using a Screen Reader

Here is a great intro to using a screen reader with Google Docs.
Fingers inputting braille on refreshable braille display.

Brian: Learning to Write with an iPad and Refreshable Braille Display Video

A totally blind student with multiple disabilities learning to write using an iPad and refreshable braille display.
Stick figure image of a man using a cane with a smart phone in the background.

BlindTool: Android App

Want to try a new navigation app for travelers who are visually impaired?
Image of fingers reading the braille on a refreshable braille display

Brian: Learning to Read with an iPad and Refreshable Braille Display Video

Video demonstrating high school student with multiple disabilities learning to read using an iPad and refreshable braille display.
Logo: Cartoon image of a parrot head.

Aipoly Vision App: iOS

App that announces colors and objects.
Dr. Asakawa, a Japanese woman with shoulder length black hair.

How New Technology Helps Blind People: TED Talk

Ted Talk about technologies for blind people.
Pages homework document with words selected.

Selecting Text in iOS 9: new rotor command

Here's a great new feature in iOS 9!
Image of a graduation cap and a diploma.

How Colleges Help Visually Impaired Students Succeed

Website article with a guide for prospective college students with visual impairments.
image of CCTV device and magnified screen

College Experience/Advice from a Mom

The difference between a student from high school to college.
App logo: red treble clef and "MM".

Math Melodies: iOS App

Math Melodies is an accessible math iOS app designed to teach math concepts and math problems.
image of fingers reading a braille book

College Experiences/Advice from a Braille Reader

Personal Experience about using technology in college from a Braille Reader
Image of red cross emergency symbol and "In Case of Emergency" text

ICE: In Case Of Emergency

Your iPhone can provide instant emergency information to first responders!
Screenshot of Tactile Map iPad Overlay

Creating a Tactile Overlay

Instructions on how to create a tactile overlay for the iPad.
Cortana symbol: Black screen with the outline of a bright blue circle.

Cortana Tips and Tricks for Windows 10 Users

Check out these Cortana Tips!