Tech Ideas

Image of DO-It logo; World picture with text "DO-IT" below.

DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) Center

The DO-IT Center website has resources and programs to increase success for students with disabilities in challenging academic fields and careers.
Image of a young child's hand turning a round block.

iOS VoiceOver Gestures Practice: Lesson Plan

Activities to help a student learn and practice VoiceOver gestures.
Image of Chrome logo; Circle with red, yellow, green

Introducing ChromeVox: User Guide and Interactive Tutorial

Introducing ChromeVox: a screen reader created by Google.
Image of Windows 10 Logo (blue background with Windows symbol and text, "Windows 10").

Windows 10 and JAWS: Basic Demo Video

Video demonstration of using Windows 10 and JAWS.
Computer screenshot of math equations.

Word Tricks: Email directly from Office and Math Equations in Word

Simple tricks when using JAWS and Word: sending emails directly from Office and creating/answering math equations in a Word document.
Image fingers making a right swipe on the Mac's trackpad

Using VoiceOver Gestures and Key Commands on the Mac Video

Video that demonstrates basic VoiceOver gestures on the Mac's trackpad and basic navigational VoiceOver keyboard commands.
Image of iBooks bookshelf on Mac

New VoiceOver updates in OS X Yosemite (Mac)

Using new VoiceOver accessibility updates on OS X Yosemite: iBooks Accessibility, arrow navigation commands and improved Alex voice.
Image of National Conference on Student Assessment logo.

Assessments: How the US and Other Countries Compare Video

Comparing how US and other countries education systems.

When Are You Brown?

Accessible iBook that describes the color Brown to students who are blind.
Image of three logos: JAWS, NVDA and Window-Eyes

Lessons for Beginners Using Screen Readers

This post demonstrates how to introduce a young student to using a screen reader through several fun, simple activities.
Image of student demonstrating Zoom on an iPad.

Drew: Zoom Feature on the iPad Video

Video of a student demonstrating the Zoom feature on the iPad.
Image of an Apple computer screen showing a Zoom Window.

Getting Started on the Mac for Users with Low Vision

An intro to using Mac for users with low vision.
Girl with albinism standing and smiling at camera

Samantha: Self-Advocating Transition to Middle School Video

Video demonstrating student's eye condition, educational needs and personality as student transitions to middle school.
App logo: Young girl with blond curls holding a cane beside her black dog.

Exploring Braille with Madilyn and Ruff: iOS app

Information about an iOS emerging braille app and how to implement this app with a preschooler.
Left picture: green dots outlining a girl's eyes and mouth; right picture: green dots of face on black background

Duke Partners Launches Autism Research App

Autism research app launched.
Fingers typing on a keyboard

Keyboarding Instruction for Students who are Blind and Visually Impaired

Keyboarding instruction for students who are visually impaired or blind.
 iPod Nano with several coins to show the small size of the Nano.

iPod Nano for Music or Band Class

Low vision and blind hints on using an iOS device to learn music parts.
Finger zooming on a mouse with a Mac computer in the background.

Zoom Feature on a Mac Using a Mouse: Video

Demonstration on how to setup and use Zoom and Mac Keyboard shortcuts on a Mac computer.
Image of WebAIM logo: text "WebAIM web accessibility in Mind"

WebAIM: Screen Reader User Survey #6 Results

Results of Screen Reader survey.
Hand holding iPhone 6 with the text question, "Hey Siri, how do you start a conversation with someone who has a disability?"

“Just Say Hi” Campaign

Just Say Hi campaign to address hesitation in conversing with people with disabilities.