Tech Ideas

Two B2G devices.

Braille to Go (B2G): New Android-based Refreshable Braille Notetaker

Information about the recently released Braille to Go (B2G), an Android-based refreshable braille notetaker.
Logos of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari and Chrome.

Browsers: Why It Matters What You Use

Information about various browsers options for users with visual impairments and blindness.
Dr. Cary Supalo holding a Talking LabQuest Data Collection Tool.

Independence Science: Integrating Students into STEM Classrooms

Ideas and tools to help integrate students with visual impairments into STEM labs and classrooms.
Logo for the SayShopping iOS app.

SayShopping: Free Target App

SayShopping is a free voice-enabled iOS app for the visually impaired.
Man at bakery ordering by speaking to an iPad.

If Your Apps Could Talk: SayKit SDK

Information about a the SayKit SDK service to make mainstream apps more accessible via conversations.
Student sitting in her classroom using a BrailleNote Apex.

BrailleNote Apex: Secure Exam Mode

Video demonstrating how to use the BrailleNote Apex in Secure Exam Mode.
Hands touching the BrailleNote Touch screen with the text, "BrailleNote Touch The future is so close you can touch it"

BrailleNote Touch Snapshot Tutorial #2: Viewing and Editing a Google Doc

Video demonstration on how to navigate and edit Google Docs using the BrailleNote Touch.
Screenshot of Technology Operations and Concepts goals for Grades 1 & 2.

Michigan Assistive Technology Guidelines, IEP Goals and Resources

A resource with AT guidelines, IEP goals, and Resources for teachers of the visually impaired.
Colorful app symbols rising above an Android phone.

Jeff's list of Accessible Android Apps

A tech savvy adult with visual impairments shares his list of favorite accessible Android apps.
Screenshot of The Martian, an audio described movie.

Locating Available iOS Audio-Described movies and Accessible Apps

Information on how to locate available iOS audio-described movies and accessible apps.
Screenshot of Windows 10 Settings displaying how to turn on Narrator.

Future Improvements to Narrator in Windows 10

Future new features for Windows 10 Narrator.
A man wearing the BLAID around-the-shoulder prototype.

Project BLAID Toyota's Contribution to Indoor Navigation for the Blind

Project BLAID: Indoor Navigation Possibilities
The man-sized robot in the "Spencer" project is being tested at the Schiphzl Airport in Amsterdam.

Robot to Help Passengers Find their Way at the Airport

The "Spencer" project is a robot that is helping people find their way around the international airport Schiphol in Amsterdam.
Screenshot of the BrailleNote Touch's main menu.

BrailleNote Touch Snapshot Tutorial #1: Main Menu and intro to the Playstore

Humanware's introductory BrailleNote Touch video which demonstrates the main menu, navigation and using Google Playstore.
YouTube logo.

Using YouTube with a Screen Reader

YouTube provides instructions and commands on how to use YouTube with a screen reader.
iPhone Screenshot showing Spotlight search.

Using Spotlight Search: Apple

How to use Spotlight Search on iOS devices and Mac computers.

iOS App: Is it Accessible?

How to test if an iOS app is accessible and what to do if it is not.
Android robot and TalkBack symbol (hand on orange background)

TalkBack: Android Screen Reader Help Center

Android Accessibility Help website focused on how to use Talkback, the Android screen reader.
Flier for Paths to Technology Webinar.

Paths to Technology Webinar

Flier for Paths to Technology webinar.
Open laptop computer showing Mail logo.

Using Mail for Windows 10 with Narrator

Instructions and videos on how to use the Mail app with Windows 10 running Narrator.