Tech Ideas

4 App logos with text, "Using iPads with Students who have CVI and/or Multiple Impairments"

Using iPads with Students who have CVI or Multiple Impairments

Article about the unique needs of cortical visual impairment and tips for using an iPad to address CVI characteristics.
Google logo and text, "Official Blog Insightes from Googlers into our products, technology, and the Google culture.

General Google Docs and Classroom Insights

Learn about a variety of Google Docs and Classroom features that will help students save time, collaborate with classmates.
Student sitting on a bench using a laptop on a college campus.

8 Skills that everyone should have by age 18

Article about the 8 skills that every 18-year-old should have.
Two screenshots of Accessible Reader: screenshot of menu and screenshot of  document being read.

Accessible Reader: Android App

Accessible Reader is an Android app enabling users with visual impairments to read documents and books.
Ballyland app logo:  image of a ball peaking out of a magic hat and text, "Ballyland Magic app"

Ballyland Magic App: Learn VoiceOver Gestures and iPad Accessibility

Ballyland Magic app is an iPad game designed to introduce students with VIB to VoiceOver gestures and iPad accessibility.
Man wearing Google Glass holding a magnified smartphone; image of magified Settings app displayed on wall.

Google Glass App for Users with Low Vision

Researchers have developed a Google Glass app that enables low vision users to navigate a magnified screen using head movements.
Image of iPhone, Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth splitter, a small device that is plugged into the iPhone.

Connecting Two Bluetooth Headsets to One iPhone: O&M Training Tool

Video demonstrating how to connect two Bluetooth headsets to an iPhone using a Bluetooth Transmitter/Splitter.
Fingers a map of Italy created with Touchable Ink that includes braille and raised lines.

Touchable Ink Emerges as a answer to Blind's Needs

Touchable Ink is a new ink technology that creates raised images from a normal printer.
Picture of Simon Wheatcroft holding a water bottle while running on a fall day.

How One Blind Marathon Runner is Using Technology to Run Solo

Simon Wheatcroft shares his personal story as a blind runner and his experiences using Google Glass as a tool to help him run independently.
Accessible campus map being used with a LiveScribe smart pen that reads out the map's information.

Blind Leading the Blind: How Berkeley Alums are Designing an Inclusive World

An inspirational article about successful Berkeley students and alums who are blind.
App Logo: Text, "MaLynWorks" with the letter "W" on a blue background.

Quick Keyboard Tips for Microsoft Word through an iOS App: MLWordTips App

MLWordTips iOS app aids blind users in learning to use Microsoft Word.
Screenshot of Google Docs with microphone popup and text: "Use your Voice to type, navigate, or format"

Voice Typing with Google Docs: Editing and Formatting

Google Docs has learned a new trick: Voice Typing, the ability to recognize spoken words and commands.
Screenshot of Google's Vision Settings.

Google Launches Vision Settings

Google's new accessibility features including Vision Settings, Google Docs voice prompted editing commands, Accessibility Scanner for programmers and the Voice
Screenshot of Chris Tabb's O&M LiveBinder home page

O&M Live Binders: Resources

Live Binders is a collaboration of O&M resources.

Basic Training for NVDA: eBook

"Basic Training for NVDA" is a new eBook for new and existing NVDA screen reader users.
Bookshare Logo and text: "Bookshare Learn it Now Tutorial Series, The Reading List Feature for Organizational Use"

Bookshare Tip: How to Assign Reading Lists

Directions on how to assign Bookshare Reading Lists.
Hands holding an Android phone, with magnification features engaged.

15 Talkback Navigation Gestures

Instructions on how to use TalkBack gestures on an Android phone.
21 year old Molly Watt during keynote speech at Camp Digital 2016.

Molly Watt: deafblind and Apple Watch

Looking for daily living skills tools for deaf/blind student?
Two links in a chain and the text: "Resources & Links"

Useful Resources for Blind and Visually Impaired People

A list of resources for blind and visually impaired people.
Screenshot of Narrator Settings page.

Improvements to Narrator in Windows 10

Narrator for Windows 10 keeps improving!