Tech Ideas

Cartoon kids with the text, " Students can listen and comprehend 2 grade levels above their reading level."

For Kids with Reading Challenges, Just Add Listening

Research on the advantages of reading and listening simultaneously.
iPhone displaying the redesigned Notification screen.

Home Screen and Lock Screen Redesign: iOS 10

Sneak peak at the redesigned Home screen and Lock screen for iOS 10.
Maps screenshot displaying a split screen with the route and additional options.

Maps App Redesigned: iOS 10

Update about the redesigned Maps app for iOS 10.
Stop sign shaped sign with the Text, "Slow" in front of 4 Macs.

Why is My Mac So Slow?

Information about why your Mac is running slowly and tips on how to make your Mac run like new.
Outline of an iPhone with the text, "Payetteforward presents Why Does My iPhone Battery Die so Fast? From a former Apple Employe

Why Does My iPhone Battery Die so Fast?

Information about why the iPhone battery drains quickly and how to fix it.
Two students building a canoe type boat out of PVC pipe and a plastic tarp.

NFB Conducts Engineering Program for Blind Students

NFB offers an engineering program for students with visual impairments and blindness.
Image of Typio logo with the word Typio in print and braille

Typio: An Accessible Typing Game (Windows)

Type is an accessible typing program for PCs.
Student using an iPad displaying Swift Playgrounds graphics.

Swift Playgrounds for iOS: Teach Students to Code

Swift Playgrounds is an iOS app designed to encourage students to learn how to code.
Teacher iPad screen displaying student IDs; student iPads in the background displaying the same chart.

Apple Classroom First Impressions

Information about Apple Classroom and how to set up Apple Classroom.
Headshot of Ashley and text, "In two years I had accumulated 400 clients"

Blind Young Entrepreneur Ashley: website business at age 15!

A blind software engineer and IT technician shares his success story.
Kindle e-reader with audio adapter and earbuds.

Amazon's New Kindle is Accessible to the Blind

Amazon's new Kindle has improved accessibility features, including VoiceView, a screen reader.
Dory, blue and yellow fish and the text: "Disney - PIXAR Finding Dory"

Disney app will narrate "Finding Dory" for blind theatergoers

Audio description available through an app for Disney's "Finding Dory" move at the theaters.
Man wearing glasses with the OrCam mounted on the side.

OrCam - Smart Glasses for Visually Impaired

OrCam is a wearable device that reads text to a person who is visually impaired.
Jyostna Kaki standing beside a Google and YouTube sign.

Meet Google's Blind Engineer

A blind woman's success story in a STEM field.
Colorful Google terms and definitions poster

Google Classroom with a Screen Reader

Information about Google Classroom and how to use Google Classroom with a screen reader.
Sleek green and black Ogo, a hands-free wheelchair

Ogo: A Hands-Free Wheelchair

Introducing the Ogo, a hands-free wheelchair.
SkyView app is one of several apps that take kids outside.

8 Apps for Kids Screen Free Activities: Summer Technology Apps

Educational "off screen" apps that encourage students to learn and move!
Fingers on the screen of a BrailleNote Touch.

BrailleNote Touch Snapshot Tutorial #6: Connecting to Wi-Fi

Instructional video on how to connect the BrailleNote Touch to Wi-Fi.
3D printed maps.

3D Printed Teaching Aids Enhance Education for Visually Impaired students: Research Study

Research on 3D printed materials to enhance educational concepts for students with visual impairments.