Tech Ideas

Image of fingers on a braille display located beside a laptop.

What's new in JAWS 17 Screen Reading Software (MathML Content in Braille)

Details about JAWS 17 updates, including the introduction of reading Nemeth Code on a braille display.
Samsung S6 phone home screen.

Accessibility of Samsung Smartphones and Smart TVs

Built-in accessibility features for Samsung Smartphones and Smart TVs.
Fingers on a BrailleNote Touch screen.

BrailleNote Touch Snapshot Tutorial # 5: Downloading and Reading BookShare Books

Instructional video on how to download and read Bookshare books on the BrailleNote Touch.
Colorful set of 5

Talking Recorder Buttons: Record Classroom Directions

Use simple recording devices to encourage classroom independence.
NVDA logo

NVDA 2016.2 Update

Information about new features, changes and bug fixes with NVDA's 2016.2 software release.
Mac Screenshot of Text to Speech settings.

How to make your Mac Speak Selectively

Speak Text is a low vision accessibility option that enables users to hear text read aloud without using VoiceOver, the Mac's robust screen reader.
Steve Liss sitting at his computer with the words, "Microsoft Mechanics" behind him.

Office 365 in High Contrast Black Mode on a PC

High Contrast enhancements for Microsoft Office 365 on a PC.
Bookshare's BINGO card.

Bookshare: Summer Checklist for Teachers

Bookshare's summer checklist for teachers and summer reading BINGO program.
Open photo album showing several pictures.

New Artificial Intelligence Can Tell Stories Based on Photos

Using artificial Intelligence to generate descriptions of images and videos.
Polymer Braille Display prototype with 6-key input and full screen braille output.

Polymer Braille Inc.: Full Screen Braille Display

Information about a full screen braille display prototype by Polymer Braille Inc.
BrailleNote Touch: tablet with built-in braille display output.

BrailleNote Touch Tutorial #4: Searching in YouTube

Video tutorial about how to access YouTube on the BrailleNote Touch.
Cody standing at the front door of Sheetz Gas Station.

Cody went to Sheetz: iBook

A high school student with traumatic brain injury creates an iBook to remember his route around a store.
Fingers on the BrailleNote Touch screen.

BrailleNote Touch Tutorial #3: Creating, Editing, and Opening Documents

Video tutorial on how to create, edit and open documents using the Braille Note Touch.
Twitter Logo: a bright blue flying bird.

Making Images Accessible for People on Twitter

Learn how to enable and add image descriptions for Twitter photos.

Metronome App- Pro Metronome

This app helps students to stay in a rhythm while using two point touch or constant contact. It is customizable so that it can fit the child's walking speed.
Keeble app logo.

Keeble an Accessible Keyboard: iOS App

Keebler iOS app is an accessible keyboard enabling students with motor-challenges, switch users and visual impairments to type in any app.
Calcbot Logo.

Calcbot: iOS Calculator and Unit Conversion App

Calcbot, an accessible iOS cacluator app that includes additional features such as a history tape, tip calculator, and unit conversion.
Moira walking with her guide dog, Finnegan, in Barcelona, Spain.

Traveling, Whether It Is Dark or Light

Moira shares her personal experience of living with Usher Syndrome.
Two fingers with arrows showing upward movement on an Android phone.

Android 6.0 and Talkback 4.5 Accessibility Improvements

Review of Android 6.0 and Talkback 4.5 accessibility updates.