Tech Ideas

Young Student using TypeAbility with MAGic magnification.

TypeAbility: Typing and Computer Tutor Program

Typing and computer tutorial program for students with visual impairments and blindness.
Digital Wallets are payment methods using your smartphone.

Mobile Payment Systems and Digital Wallets

Various methods of mobile payment systems and digital wallets.
iPhone with Apple Pay held up to a credit card machine.

Hi-Tech Banking

Hi-tech banking options for people with visual impairments or blindness.
Screensho of Pokémon Go with Squirtle character.

Pokémon GO

Accessibility for Pokémon Go - a location-based, augmented reality game for mobile devices.
Opportunity for Beta testing two APH iOS apps.

APH Field Testing Opportunities: Nearby Explorer and Talking Typer for iOS

APH is recruiting field testers for two iOS apps.
Fingers on the screen of the BrailleNote Touch.

BrailleNote Touch Tutorial #10: Configuring Options

Instruction on how to configure options on the BrailleNote Touch.
APH's Refreshable Tactile Graphics Display prototype with 20 x 32 pin display with braille input keys below.

Refreshable Tactile Graphics Display: Making On-Screen Images Accessible!

Announcement for the APH's Refreshable Tactile Graphics Display prototype.
Bookshare is an online accessible library.  Drawing of hand pulling books out of computer screen.

Using VoiceOver with Bookshare: Mac and iOS

Instructions on how to access the free online library from Bookshare using VoiceOver.
Whizzy Kids iOS app logo: a friendly green monster

Whizzy Kids Tracing App: iOS

Whizzy Kids, an iOS app, has educational pre-reading and pre-writing games.
Blindfold Solitaire logo.

Blindfold Solitaire: iOS App

An accessible solitaire game for iOS.
The BrailleNote Touch is a combination of a braille notetaker and tablet.

BrailleNote Touch Tutorial #9: Sending Emails with Attachments

Information on how to email and send an attachment with a BrailleNote Touch.
An accessible teacher-made iBook about Shark's teeth.

Shark's Teeth: iBook

An accessible iBook about shark's teeth that includes fun facts, video, quiz and more!
An accessible iBook about Loggerhead Turtles.

Loggerhead Turtles: iBook

This teacher-created Loggerhead Turtles iBook accompanies the instructions on how to create an iBook using the iBooks Author app.
Snap Circuits Jr. - a kit designed to provide students ages 8+ experience designing and building models with electrical circuits

Field Test Snap Circuits Jr.: an electronics kit

APH field testing opportunity for teachers interested in accessible electrical circuits.
WordPress software is used to create websites, blogs or apps.

WordPress Accessibility: Create a website, blog or app

Information on how to use WordPress Dashboard with a screen reader.
VoiceOver text, "Welcome to Mac OS X.  VoiceOver is running."

Learning VoiceOver basics on a Mac

Information about basic VoiceOver navigation and interaction commands as well basic VoiceOver features on the Mac.
Fingers on the BrailleNote Touch screen.

BrailleNote Touch Snapshot Tutorial #8: Creating, Editing and Deleting Contacts with KeyList

Information about creating, editing and deleting contacts on the BrailleNote Touch.
Apple Watch running OS 3 beta.

iOS 10 and Watch OS 3 Preview

Comprehensive preview of iOS 10 and Watch OS 3 Betas.
Demonstration of using 3D Touch with the Messages app on an iPhone 6s.

3D-Touch with VoiceOver on the iPhone 6s Plus

Introduction to using 3D Touch with VoiceOver on an iPhone 6s.
Google Training: cartoon teacher and two students.

Learn Google Docs and Google Drive with NVDA: AFB training

Self-paced training on Google Docs and Google Drive with NVDA.