Tech Ideas

Dash robot; one of many physical games that teach basic programming logic.

Teaching Coding and Programming Logic to Young Students

Resources of games, activities and apps that are designed to teach young students how to code and programming logic skills.
Fix the Factory app logo

Fix the Factory App: teaches beginning coding logic

Fix the Factory is a non-accessible puzzle game app designed to teach young students basic coding and programming logic skills.
Swimmer wearing a swim cap with the words "Samsung Blind Cap".

Blind Cap: Technology for Paralympic Swimmers

Blind Cap is Bluetooth technology that alerts blind swimmers when they need to turn when approaching the wall.
Ed Summers standing at a greenway intersection with his Seeing Eye dog, demonstrating how to set a POI using the BlindSquare app

Creating and Using a Point of Interest on a Greenway or College Campus using BlindSquare

Learn how to set and use a Point of Interest on a greenway or college campus using the navigational app, BlindSquare.
Elementary students working together using LEGO fairytale blocks while writing the story on a tablet.

Hi-Tech LEGOs

LEGOs education combines the classic LEGO blocks with apps and technology to make learning fun!
Animal Watch Vi app with its accessible graphics, is designed to improve students' algebra readiness. Girl exploring graphic.l

Supporting Students in Being Efficient with Graphics

Grant awarded to support graphics research and graphics literacy project for students with visual impairments and blindness.
Cubetto - a wooden robot, coding blocks and board, and map - teaches young students the concepts of coding.

Cubetto: Teaching Children How to Code without Screens

Hands-on toy to teach programming concepts to young students ages 3 and up.
Rocket Cupcake Co Logo - cartoon girl on a skateboard

Rocket Cupcake Co: Coding iOS App for Kids

Rocket Cupcake Co. is an app that teaches coding skills to kids as young as four!
Braille Bricks kit including a container shaped as a big Braille Brick filled with numerous colorful Braille Bricks.

Braille Bricks: Braille LEGOs!

LEGO-inspired Braille Bricks can help students learn braille while playing.
Comparing screen readers with Windows 10.

Ranking Screen Readers in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Review of three screen readers using Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
Silloutes of a girl and a boy on computers with the Text: "facebook".

Facebook Accessibility for Users with Visual Impairments

Detailed accessibility information and commands on how to use Facebook with a variety of screen readers.
Book Creator Logo: app that creates accessible books

Book Creator App: Create Your Own Accessible Books on iOS, Android and Windows Tablets

Use Book Creator to create accessible books for iOS, Android and Windows tablets.
CATIS Logo: silhouette image of a person sitting in front of a computer with a tablet/phone beside the computer and a long cane.

Certified Assistive Technology Instructional Specialist: ACVREP certification

ACVREP launches a new certification for Certified Assistive Technology Instruction Specialist.
Moovit App Logo

Moovit: An Accessible Transit App for iOS and Android

Review and comparisons of the Moovit App, a transportation app for travelers with visual impairments and blindness.
A boy and a girl are conversing in sign language.

iCanConnect Program: Deaf-Blind

FCC's program to provide communication technology to low-income deaf-blind users and new FCC rule for hearing-aid compatible devices.
Duxbury is a braille translation software.

Duxbury For Mac: Braille Translation software

Information about Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) which is now available for Mac.
Screenshot from "Navigating the Web" video: Jim Allen sitting behind his computer.

Navigating the Web with Windows Screen Readers

Learn to efficiently browse the web with Windows screen readers.
Screenshot of Windows 10 Settings displaying how to turn on Narrator.

Windows 10 Upgrade for Assistive Technology Users

Accessibility progress with Windows 10.
iWalkStraight is an app to help blind travelers maintain a straight line.  iWalkStraight logo: two shoe prints walking.

iWalkStraight: iOS App

iOS app to help a student with visual impairments or blindness to walk in a straight line through open spaces.