Tech Ideas

ZoomText logo and text, "ZoomText Basics"

ZoomText Basics

Learn more about this screen magnifier with these great resources!
Square Route symbol and text, "Accessible Online Calculus Course

Accessible Online Calculus Course

Check out this online resource!
NFB logo and text, "NFB EQ Camp"

NFB EQ Camp Registration

Engineer your summer with NFB's Engineering Quotient Camp!
Cartoon drawing of game controller and text, "Gaming and Accessibility"

Gaming and Accessibility

Are you a gamer? Check out these accessible games!
Dictionary definition of Hackathon, "hack-a-thon" (pronunciation) noun, informal, an event, typically lasting several days. . .

Microsoft Hackathons

How have Microsoft apps that help users with disabilities come about?
Code Jumper: tablet with app and various colorful pods linked together.

Code Jumper: Accessible Programming

Learn beginning coding and programming skills!
Photo of a man walking with a long cane in front of a brick wall with the painted word "Google"

Jack Chen, in-house lawyer for Google

Interested in inventions, law, and Google? See how Jack combines his passions in his exciting career!
Photo of boy reading a bar chart and text, "Free online training for general education teachers"

Free Online Training Courses for General Education Teachers

Please share with general education teachers serving students with visual impairments in grades 2-6.
Image of NASA log with text, "NASA Interns,"

NASA Internships

Are you a college student with a passion for space and space exploration?
Reading Adventure Time and Writing Adventure Time App logos

Reading Adventure Time and Writing Adventure Time Apps

The first 100 teachers and students who complete 4 progress monitoring assessments will both receive $100!
Youtube logo and text, "blind YouTubers"

Popular Blind YouTubers

Check out these blind YouTubers!
Photo of Byte (character in Swift Playgrounds) & text, "Apple's New Accessible Coding Resources for Swift Playgrounds."

Apple's New Accessible Coding Resources for Swift Playgrounds

Everything YOU need to teach Swift coding language to students with visual impairments or blindness!
Screenshot of Swift playgrounds showing commands on left side and World Grid on right side.

Getting Started with Swift Playgrounds: Coding App

Learn more about coding with Swift Playgrounds while using VoiceOver.
Image of Chris Downey, a tall, athletic man holding a cane and text, "Chris Downey: Blind Architect"

Chris Downey: Blind Architect

How to handle vision loss? Hear Downey's story on 60 minutes and Ted Talks.
Photo of Dr. Steve Kortenkamp, astronomer, holding a yellow inflated 'sun' teaching a solar system lesson to campers.

Project POEM: Summer Camp and More!

Project POEM Project-Based Learning Opportunities and Exploration of Mentorship for Students with Visual Impairments in STEM
Campers standing by Microsoft headquarters sign with text, "2019 Microsoft NINJA Camp"

2019 Microsoft NINJA Camp for students with Disabilities

Interested in a tech career? Check out Microsoft's Ninja Camp!
Android phone with text, "Android Bugs/Fixes".

How to Fix Android Settings that Turn Off Automatically

Having trouble with your Android phone?
Image of computer with Google Search screen and text, "Google Search Tips"

Google Search Tips

Looking for something - just Google it! How to be more efficient with your Google Searches!
Headshot of Jaylen, sophomore in college who has albinism.

TCU basketball star with albinism

Jaylen Fisher shares his story about living with albinism.
Screenshot of emoji face options on an iPhone.

Emojis and Accessibility

Have you embraced emojis?