Tech Ideas

OneNote Logo with text, "OneNote"

Microsoft OneNote and Screen Readers

Here are the directions on how to use a screen reader with OneNote!
photo of Bristol Braille Canute: multi-line braille display with buttons along the left edge and 3 buttons on the bottom.

Bristol Braille Canute: Multi-line Refreshable Braille

Applications of affordable multi-line refreshable Braille for educators and students
Amazon's 'smile' logo with the text, "amazon" written in braille dots.

Michael Forzano: Programmer at Amazon

Interview of a successful programmer who is totally blind and wears cochlear implants.
Project Zanzibar mat with a man's finger tracing individual alphabet cards. The traced letter appears on the tablet by the mat.

Project Zanzibar

Bring toys and objects to life!
Image of lines with text: 'Braille Quiz'

How to Give a Spelling Test Using Google Forms, Sheets and Flubaroo!

Modify this to create braille letter/braille contractions tests?
Photo of the MATT Connect.

New MATT Connect Tutorial Videos

Learn more about the MATT Connect with these quick videos!
Screenshot of iPhone Home screen with black background and 3D text menu with last three people texted and New Message option.

Using 3D Touch: iPhone Shortcuts

Are you using these fun shortcuts?
Photo of 8 3D printed braille  die ranging from 4-sided to 2-sided.

DOTS: RPG Project Dice

3D printed braille dice and gaming accessories.
Desktop with keyboard, folder, coffee cup and an iPad displaying "We are hiring".

Job opportunity for expert in math and screen readers

Are you or someone you know interested in this job opportunity?
Screenshot of split screen on Mac

How to Use a Split Screen to Increase productivity in the Classroom

Check out these Split Screen features - for ALL your devices!
Photo of a man pointing to a computer screen and woman looking at where the man is pointing.

Professional Development for Educators: Accessible Computer Science Principles

Educators - are you Interested in learning accessible computer science (coding) for students with visual impairments?
Screenshot from STEM Career Video: Students with lab coats, hair nets and gloves are working with adults  doing lab experiments.

STEM Field Mentors: STEM Career Showcase

Has your student connected with successful role models who are working in STEM Fields?
YouTube logo: Red play button with text, "YouTube"

YouTube Search Tricks

Do you know these simple tricks for finding and narrowing your YouTube video searches?
cartoon image of multiple charts and graphs on a computer screen.

NVDA now supports more interaction with charts

See what's new with NVDA 2018.1 update.
digital recording symbol

Dictation on your Computer: Word, Pages and Google Docs

Directions on how to set up dictation for the most popular Word-type apps.
Photo of 2C3D camera displaying tactile image of a man's face.

2C3D: A Tactile Camera

A 3D camera for the blind?!
Flip-Over Faces app logo

APH Seeking Beta Testers for Flip-Over FACES, an iOS app

Provide feedback on this iOS app designed for students with low vision and CVI, multiple disabilities and/or autism!
Graphiti, APH's full page braille display.

Graphiti Field Testers Needed

Want to try a full screen braille display?!
Photo of Orbit Reader 20, a refreshable braille display, a small 20 cell display.

APH's Statement Regarding Availability of Orbit Reader 20

Waiting to get your hands on the new Orbit Reader? Here is the latest information
Image with text: Seeing AI, Android Survey

Seeing AI - Android Survey

Interested in an Android version of the Seeing AI app?