Tech Ideas

Screenshot of Paths to Technology home page with with keyboard command popup and text, "New Internet Keyboard Commands"

New Internet Keyboard Commands for iPad OS

Browse the web more efficiently with these new keyboard shortcut commands!
Code Jumper pods connected to a hub with an Android tablet displaying the Code Jumper programming app & text, "Code Jumper"

Code Jumper: APH and Humanware International Partners

Code Jumper, an accessible coding game, will be available internationally!
Logo of Ballyland Magico and text, "Ballyland Magico (Spanish Version)

Ballyland Mágico

The popular Ballyland Magic app is now available in Spanish!
Outline of hand with thumb, index and middle fingers extended and text, "iOS and iPadOS 13 Editing Gestures"

Editing Text iOS and iPadOS 13

Make changes in a "pinch"!
Survey icon (clipboard and pen) and text, "Tactile Graphics Study: Pearson"

Tactile Graphics Study

Please provide YOUR valuable insight on tactile graphics to Pearson - this information will benefit daily classroom work, not just assessments!
BrailleBlaster logo

BrailleBlaster: Free braille transcription software

Here is a new tool for producing braille materials quickly!
Image of finger selecting 5 star rating and text, "APH Product Survey"

APH Products Survey

Attention: All users of APH Products in Education and Rehabilitation Settings
Screenshot of a simple GoWorksheet Maker worksheet with marked up Drag and Drop question.

GoWorksheet Maker iPad App

Convert printed worksheets into customizable and interactive solutions on an iPad.
Number 13 and text, "iOS 13 Accessibility Bugs"

Accessibility Bugs in iOS 13

Be aware of these critical accessibility bugs before deciding to update to iOS 13.
Text, "STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities. Science Technology Engineering Math. October 15, 2019."

STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities

Be inspired by these successful role models in STEM professions!
pile of Legos with text, "Accessible Lego Directions"

Accessible Lego Directions

Audio and braille versions specifically created for visually impaired Lego enthusiasts!

Live Edits in Google Docs

Live Edits is now accessible with screen readers!
3D Element Book with colorful large print symbols, braille, and unique design that folds and groups element blocks.

3D Periodic Table Model: Beta testers needed!

Support this developer as he creates a unique, accessible braille chemical elements in 3D book form!
Rows of stacked books and text, "EMMA: Educational Materials Made Accessible"

EMMA: Educational Materials Made Accessible

Sharing university-level accessible texts program.
Aira logo (small "a" inside a white circle with text, "Aira: Free"

Aira is now FREE!

Need sighted assistance? Try Aira!
The A11Y logo and text, "Web Accessibility Resources"

A11Y Project

A comprehensive list of web accessibility resources.
Image of three sizes of Alexa-enabled devices and text, "Alexa speech rate"

Alexa: Speak Faster

Control the speech rate on your Alexa!
Image of marathon runner wearing a "blind" vest holding two hiking poles running on the shoulder of the road.

Batgirl: A Marathon Runner Who is Blind

A ultra road and trail marathon runner shares her story about running without vision.
Sean Mealin working at his computer in his SAS office, with text, "Recruiting employees with Disabilities".

SAS Recruits Employees with Disabilities

WRAL news reports about a company that actively recruits people with disabilities.
Image of home screen on an Android phone with text, "Android Phone Training Videos".

Android Phone Training Videos

Learn more about Android's low vision features!