ZoomText 11 New Key Commands

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Experienced ZoomText users or teachers will discover a surprise when they install ZoomText 11.  The keyboard commands that have been used for years have changed.  This is what Ai Squared has to say about the new command keys in their ZoomText 11 Release Notes:

“We’re shaking things up. ZoomText 11 has a new system of ‘Command Keys’ that are easier to learn and use. The new command keys also eliminate conflicts and compatibility issues that existed in previous versions of ZoomText. Don’t worry; making the transition from your previous version of ZoomText is quick and easy.”

Making the Transition

I have some tips to make the transition easier.  Whether you are a teacher or ZoomText user yourself, do not install ZoomText 11 until you can set aside a few minute to practice the commands when you get started.  Also, be sure that all copies of ZoomText you work with are updated to 11, whether at home, school, or work.  It will be confusing to have to remember two separate sets of commands.  Print one of the shortcut cheat sheets below, and keep it handy.  Beyond just commands, you will want to at least skim the Getting Started help topic that ZoomText directs you to.  The amount of changes makes reading it worthwhile with this edition.

ZoomText 11 Long Command Cheat Sheet

ZoomText 11 Short Command Cheat Sheet

If you want to delve further into the commands, you should be aware the command list in the ZoomText 11 Help currently has at least two incorrect commands.  So far I have found Jump to Center and SpeakIt to be incorrect.  However, if you search in Help for specific topics, they are correct in the section of the Help that describes that feature, just not the command list.  I have not received my physical copy of ZoomText 11 yet, so I am unable to say whether the list in the User Guide is correct or not.

Caps Lock Key

The new ZoomText commands rely on the Caps Lock key.  This may especially trip up some people who have the habit of using Caps Lock instead of shift for individual letters..  Please read what the “Getting Started” section says about the Caps Lock function below:

“ZoomText utilizes the Caps Lock key to perform hotkey commands. So when ZoomText is running, single-tapping the Caps Lock key does not toggle between typing lower-case and upper-case letters. However, you can still toggle the Caps Lock state by double-tapping the Caps Lock key. In other words when the Caps Lock is off, double-tapping the Caps Lock key will turn the Caps Lock on, and vice versa.”


I plan to eventually share more comprehensive information about ZoomText 11, but I hope this will help you get started on the right foot.  Please feel free to add tips for using ZoomText 11 in the comments section. 



Posted by ljonesTVIMar 03, 2017

David, that configuration file sounds like a great resource.  It would be great if you can share it with people when you're finished. 

Posted by Nik PeterssonDec 03, 2018

Checking this out as a possible source of information.