You're the Missing Piece: O&M Puzzle

Featured Image: 
Screenshot from the video: 'You're the Missing Piece!' with colorful puzzle pieces in the background.

During the AER International 2017 O&M Conference, Orientation and Mobility Specialists (O&Ms) gathered around Gina Schmid's poster board session to create the 'You're the Missing Piece!' puzzle.  Gina felt that every O&M has some tip, concept, or strategy about O&M to share.  She encouraged participants to write their comment on a 4X4 inch puzzle piece and then used these pieces to create an O&M resource puzzle.  98 puzzle pieces were completed in one hour by creative, resourceful O&Ms!  This video displays each puzzle piece, narrated by Nina O'Neill, Mary Filicetti, Marybeth Cleveland and Gina Schmid.