Windows 10 version 1709 update for screen readers

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Windows 10 update with screen reader comparison commands for reading text and status information.

On October 17, 2017, Windows 10 Fall Creator's Edition, version 1709 will be rolled out. This is a major update with new features and refines the user interface. There will be updates to Narrator as well as developments for other screen readers. 

Screen reader versions that are compatible with Windows 10 version 1709

  • JAWS 18.0.4321, 2018 stable release or later
  • Window-Eyes 9.5.4
  • NVDA 2017.3 or later
  • Others

Screen reader updates include:

  • Eye control
  • Enter QWERTY commands via braille in Narrator
  • Cloud-based image recognition in Narrator
  • Read console output in Narrator via the new "lines" navigation mode
  • Systemwide dictation command (Windows+H)
  • Emoji search and entry (Windows+Period or Windows+semicolon when using United States English keyboard layout)
  • View web search results directly via Start menu
  • My People
  • Control audio volume for individual universal apps
  • Cortana settings moved to Settings app

Windows 10 screen reader commands and features comparison

This screen reader comparison page provides a list of actions and then states the corresponding commands for Narrator, NVDA and JAWS.


Posted by TS12345Oct 19, 2017

I love the Fluent Design in this update! I really love what they are doing with transparency! I really love how they are bringing back WIndows 7 glass and mixing it with the stylish modern look. I've been running the betas and have had no issue with my screen readers. I didn't pay attention to Narrator updates so I don't know if they reduced Caps+E+E for feedback dialog to just Caps+E. This is present in Redstone 4 builds. I will check once I upgrade my dad to the Fall Creators Update.