Windows 10 JAWS Text Tutorial: Notification Area and Action Center

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Screenshot of Windows 10 Settings with Notifications & actions button selected.

This is a text tutorial, provided freely by The W-10 and Jaws group, anyone may freely share this file.
Author: Jim Flusche
This text file is updated to the W-10 Creators update.

Press Windows key+B, to quickly jump to the Notification Chevron button.
Press Windows key+A, to open the Action center.

What is the Notification area?

The Notification area contains the Notification chevron button, the System tray icons, and the Action center.

Tip, you do not want all the system tray icons showing up under the Notification area, because the Notification chevron button will be hid, you will just here System tray area instead after pressing Windows key+B.

Choosing System Tray Icons

Read the directions below, for choosing what System tray icons show up under the Notifications area.

  1. Press Windows key+I, for the search edit box in the Settings area, Tab one time.
  2. Right arrow to Personalization, press either the Spacebar or the enter key, Tab one time.
  3. Arrow down to, Taskbar, either press the Spacebar or the enter key.
  4. Tab many times to, Select which icons appear on the Taskbar link, press Enter.
  5. You will land on the Home button.
  6. Tab one time to, always show all icons in the notification area button.
  7. Make sure that Jaws says, just button, if Jaws says, button checked, press the Spacebar to maike it say, Just button.
  8. If you have this checked, the Notification Chevron button will not show up on the Notification area of the Taskbar, it will just say, System tray area instead.
  9. Now you can continue to tab across to all the items in your System tray.
  10. Any items you wish to have showing, in the notification area of the Taskbar, make sure they say, button Checked.
  11. Any items you do not wish to have showing in the Notification area of the Taskbar, make sure they just say, Button and not button checked.

For example, on my computer, I have the following System tray icons showing up, in the Notification area.

Notification Chevron Button

System Tray No actions needed. Button, this is the Windows defender security center.

OneDrive Up to date Button.
Internet access Button.
Speakers (USB): 56% Button.
System Clock, 1:55 PM, 8/25/?2017 clock.
Action Center Button.

Tip, if you are using a laptop, make sure that your battary indicator is showing up to see the percentage of charge time left on your battary.
Tip, you can press Insert+f11, to see a list of active system tray icons, press the escape key to close this list.

Action Center

Press Windows key+A, to open the action center.
Here you will find any past notifications and your pinned quick actions.

Choosing Actions for Action Center

How to choose what pinned quick actions show up in the action center.

  1. Press Windows key+I, for the Settings area search edit box, Tab one time.
  2. Press either the Spacebar or the Enter key on System, Tab one time.
  3. Down arrow to, Notifications and actions, press either the Spacebar or the Enter key.
  4. Tab two times to, Add or remove quick actions Link, press Enter.
  5. Now Tab across all the quick actions, press the spacebar to check or to uncheck any of the quick actions.
  6. All the quick actions that are checked, will show up under the action center in the notifications area.

After pressing Windows key +A, you land in the action center.
Press the Down arrow key to hear the first notification.
After hearing the first notification, tab one time to dismiss this notification, press the spacebar.

After clearing all notifications: Either Tab or press the Right arrow key to go across the quick actions that you have pinned to the action center from above.

Tip, when you hear a notification, try pressing Windows key+V, to go to that notification.
The notifications pop-up is still an issue with Jaws, do your best with them in W-10.



Posted by TS12345Oct 23, 2017

Can you please update this for Fall Creators Update?

Posted by Diane BraunerOct 24, 2017

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