Why My iPhone has Convinced Me to Start learning UEB

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Holding an iPhone, two hands are typing a "J" using on-screen virtual braille keyboard.

Brian Giles writes about his initial reservations concerning adopting the UEB braille code and what made him change his opinion about UEB.  Check out his AppleVis blog, Why My iPhone Has Convinced Me to Start Learning UEB.  Be sure to check out the links to two learning UEB resources!


Posted by John FarinaApr 02, 2016

Hi all, As a life long Braille reader I have not found the transition to be that difficult. Thought I used the Hadley Institute course on transitioning to UEB, I think I could have gotten by with one of the simple symbols sheets. It is important to remember that this transition will be more involved for students who are learning Braille during the change over of textbooks than for those of us who are adults and who "read to learn." Since textbooks will not be fully transitioned students such as those I work with as an assistive tech instructor need to know both codes.