Why I Prefer My Schoolwork Digitally

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Cartoon image of college student at a desk with a computer and books stacked on the in piles on the floor around her.

Veronica is a low vision student studying software engineering and assistive technology at George Mason University in Virginia.  Her blog, Why I Prefer My schoolwork Digitally, provides thoughtful insight as educators and students move forward and embrace the paperless classroom.

10 reasons why this low vision student prefers digital school materials

  1. It's much more lightweight
  2. I can add color filters easily
  3. Easy to enlarge text
  4. Technology can fit on a desk
  5. People won't forget about it
  6. No one has to attempt to read my terrible handwriting
  7. I can use applications on my computer to enhance my learning experience
  8. There's less of a stigma
  9. It's often easier to balance
  10. Having access to it prepares me for the "real world"

Teacher Hint:  This is a great article to use as a teachable moment with your students!  Have your low vision student read the article and discuss how digital materials is or might be beneficial for your student.  Can you add any reasons to this list?  How does digital materials benefit your blind/braille student? Make a list of the benefits from a  blind perspective.  Share your student's personal list of benefits with the IEP team and classroom teachers.