What's new with NVDA

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NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a popular free screen reader which enables blind and visually impaired users to access computers. Like all software applications, NVDA continues to evolve; there are several new features available that may be of interest to you.

NVDA Tutorial

NVDA has added a tutorial chapter about using NVDA 2018 on the web. This chapter includes the following:

  • Introduction
  • Supported web browsers and features
  • Basic commands
  • Screen layout
  • Focus mode versus browse mode
  • First letter navigation I
  • First letter navigation II
  • Refreshing web content
  • Finding text
  • Elements list
  • First letter commands and web applications
  • Live regions, math content, and other elements
  • Conclusion

View NVDA's tutorial here. Also on this page are podcast tutorial series (based on NVDA 2015), NVDA courses, NVDA and MathPlayer, podcasts highlighting Windows 10 and more.

IndentNav Add-On

NVDA's new feature, the IndentNav Add-On enables users to navigate by indention level (offset lines or paragraphs). Two common uses are:

  • Navigating through first level of comments in a hierarchical tree of comments (such as comments under a Facebook post).
  • Navigating through source code. (Languages such as Python require proper indenting; IndentNav is very beneficial when editing the code.)

Learn more about IndentNav here.

BrailleExtender Add-On

The BrailleExtender add-on provides various features for braille displays. Some of the features are for all braille display models while other features depend on the braille display being used. Install the BrailleExtender, then use the BrailleExtender menu to view information specific to your device. For details, go to NVDA's BrailleExtender Add-on page.