What is the math symbol in braille for (blank) ?

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Having trouble remembering how to braille those pesky math symbols? Pearson Accessibility has created an accessible, searchable database with the help of Sara Larkin, Susan Osterhaus and Tina Herzberg. Math terms are listed alphabetically. Select a term to access the student-friendly description, followed by how the symbol, expressions, or equations are written in Nemeth code, then three links.

According this website, "The first link takes you to a Braille Ready File (BRF) that includes samples using Nemeth code in English Braille American Edition (EBAE). The second links takes you to a BRF file that includes samples using Nemeth code within Unified English Braille (UEB) contexts. The third link takes you to a Microsoft Word document that includes samples in print and Simulated Braille (SimBraille), which adds shadow dots that can help sighted readers."

Access the Nemeth Braille Searchable Database here.

Teacher Hint: This is a great braille resource! The math terms also help educators to be able to use terms which are more consistent with textbooks and assessments.