WebSonora App: Android App

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The WebSonora app is designed to enable users to easily search the Internet using voice commands and a simplified interface.  Once the app is opened, simply tap the screen and say the topic.  The app announces the topic options aloud.  Tap the screen again and say, "Next" to hear the set of options.  Tap the screen and say, "First", "second", "third", etc. to ask for more details about that option. Tap the screen the stop the talking.

This free Android app is accessible with TalkBack.

Teacher Hint:  This app is beneficial for students who require simplified, one- or two-step activities and for students who have physical issues that impact how they interact with a device.  This is also beneficial for senior citizens who are visually impaired who do best with simple interfaces.

WebSonora app for Android devices

The video below demonstrates how to use the WebSonora app.