Voice Dream Scanner: OCR App

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Voice Dream Scanner logo and text, "Voice Dream Scanner: OCR App"

Voice Dream Scanner is an OCR scanner - it is used to scan an inaccessible PDF or text image and converts the text to an accessible document that can be read by a screen reader. Voice Dream Scanner is $5.99 in the App Store and is typically used in conjunction with Voice Dream Reader. Voice Dream Scanner helps users to align and capture a document, even in poor lighting conditions. Users can save the accessible document on their device or in cloud storage systems such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Voice Dream Scanner does not require Internet, so your data remains private.

Voice Dream Reader is fully accessible with VoiceOver. Users - including TVIs - are commenting that this is "simply the best OCR app!"

To save to Voice Dream Writer

  • Scan your document, tap Keep
  • Save as text
  • Name your document and hit enter
    • Share sheet will come up
  • Select Writer
The video below by Illegally Sighted demonstrates Voice Dream Scanner app as a stand-alone app or working together with Voice Dream Reader to scan and read inaccessible PDF files.