VizLens: iOS Appliance App

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Held in front of a microwave, an iPhone announces the microwave's buttons.

Most modern electronic appliances have touch screen type buttons that are challenging to label for users who are visually impaired or blind.  The VizLens app is an app that enables users to explore any physical interface through the use of crowdsourced information.  The user takes a smartphone photo and assigns a name (e.g. "microwave").  Through crowdsourcing, the buttons/controls are labeled.  The blind user opens the VizLens app and points the phone's camera to the appliance control pad while pointing at the desired button.  The app recognizes the specific microwave control pad and VoiceOver announces the desired button.

Currently, VizLens is not available to the public.

For details, go to VizLens - an Interactive SmartPhone App for the Blind or view the video demonstration video below.