Updates for Taptilo, a beginning braille game

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Taptilo: electronic device with refreshable braille cells & individual blocks with popup braille that students can manipulate


Taptilo is a wireless stand-alone electronic braille device that teaches braille reading and writing. Taptilo syncs with an app on your smart phone, enabling parents and educators to customize games. (Learn more about Taptilo in this previous Paths to Technology post.)

The Taptilo team is excited about the new Taptilo updates. Read what the team has to say about Taptilo's recent progress:

  • New languages: We started out with English grade 1 braille when we first launched the product, and now we have added UEB and we are working on adding Korean, Spanish and Japanese to the list. We've also recently found a partner to develop an Arabic package as well.
  • Improved product quality and usability: We've made great improvements in product durability and usability in both the hardware device and the app; we fixed some major issues that were affecting the functioning of the braille cells.
  • New features: We will soon be launching a new version of Taptilo this year that includes the WiFi feature, which will allow one-to-many instruction, self-upgrades, and access to an online library of content software (i.e. braille music, arithmetic, and games).
  • Global sales leads: Since we've first launched Taptilo at the NFB Convention in July 2017, we have sold to customers in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia. We've also had purchase inquiries coming in from non-English speaking countries in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. This is quite exciting, as it tells us there is a growing global demand for a better tool for braille education!
  • Free trial program: We have officially launched our free trial program, currently available within the US & Canada. With this monthly program, more institutions and individuals will have the chance to try out the product before deciding to purchase.
  • Lastly, we launched the official Facebook page and Twitter account for Taptilo.

We believe Taptilo has great value as an inclusive learning tool that can fit the needs of both students and teachers alike. With the new WiFi feature coming soon, we are actively looking to expand our network of content partners in education. Do you have game suggestions?

We tried pairing Taptilo with Alexa. Alexa, can you . . .?



Posted by Diane BraunerApr 02, 2018

A quick Internet search states that Alexa cannot follow commands in French - yet. However, it looks like Alexa supports French for developers as Alexa supports French, German and Japanese languages in their developer Skills Kits.

Posted by Margaret ListonOct 05, 2018

Primary schools in Ireland teach reading using phonics- if you could add phonics it would be brilliant.I have already bought the Taptilo device. I live in Ireland.

Posted by Eunhae LeeOct 08, 2018

Hi Margaret, thank you for your comment! That is a great idea - we will look into ways we can incorporate phonics to Taptilo in the future. :)