Upcoming Virtual O&M Opportunities

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For most of us, traditional, direct service O&M with cane instruction and community travel is not an option during the current COVID-19 Stay-Home order. O&Ms working with K-12 students are rethinking their current training strategies. Guided by the O&M, some families are taking a more active role in O&M activities at home. Some students are receiving O&M-related tech instruction - often through video conferencing or phone calls. Some O&Ms are sending packets home that include tactile maps and other resources for students to access at home. How are YOU handling remote O&M instruction?

Upcoming O&M-Related Virtual Classes for Students

Upcoming O&M-Related Virtual Classes for O&Ms

If you know of other O&M-related virtual classes, please let us know!

Additional O&M Resources

There are many activities listed under the O&M page on Paths to Technology - including O&M-related apps, technology-based activities, unplugged coding activities (which teach a variety of mental mapping and route planning activities), teacher-created O&M ePub books for students, and more. Please consider sharing your favorite O&M-related COVID-19 home activity!

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