Typing Skills Checklist

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Track a student's typing skills with this typing checklist.

Teachers - including TVIs - are responsible for tracking each student's progress in every subject and every type of skill.  Especially in this digital age, typing is a critical skill.  Attached is a simple typing checklist.  This checklist can also be used to help identify IEP goals.  At the top of the checklist record the device (Ex: PC, iPad) and accessibility accommodations (Ex: magnification, screen reader).  In the Level column, place an "I" when the student is Introduced to the skill, a "P" when the student is making Progress with the skill and a "M" when the student masters the skill.

The Typing Checklist content was created by Tonya Carter, TVI and is used by permission.  The checklist was converted into a chart for Paths to Technology.

Do you track additional typing skills?  Do you track additional typing skills needed for specific devices or accessibility accomodations?   Share your typing skills checklist or add these additional skill to the comment section below this post!


Posted by jennicaAug 01, 2018

thank you

Posted by JasmineSep 13, 2018

thank you so much this was really helpfull

Posted by Diane carsonSep 17, 2018

Thanks for sharing

Posted by Kelly WardSep 17, 2018

This is timely for my student who is learning typing skills.