TSBVI's Google Classroom and JAWS Video Tutorials

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Screenshot from Google Classroom & JAWS introduction video with an animated instructor standing in front of a white board.

TSBVI's Short-Term Programs offer technology courses to students through short-term classes and through distance learning classes. What about students who do not live in Texas?  No problem!  The content of the Google Classroom and JAWS course is now available through quality video tutorials!  Students using these videos and the teachers who may assist these students should have some understanding of JAWS before taking the course.  For those who are new to JAWS, it is reccomended to first go through the Surf's Up Training on the Freedom Scientific's website.

The videos are:

  • Google Classroom and JAWS Introduction Video
  • Video 1: Google Classroom Student Dashboard and JAWS
  • Video 2: Google Classroom Student Interface and JAWS
  • Video 3: Google Classroom Student STREAM and JAWS
  • Student Practice Activity 1: Video Access and Short Answer Questions
  • Student Practice Activity 2: Web Links and Multiple Choice Questions
  • Student Practice Activty 3: Google Docs Assignments
  • Student Practice Activty 4: Google Forms - Quiz or Survey

To view the videos, go to Google Classrom and JAWS on TSBVI's website.  Interested in additional information?  Click on the JAWS and/or Google Apps buttons located below the videos.