Transit App Tutorial: Part 1

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Transit App Logo

Editor's Note: This video was created by Penny Stevenson and is posted on Paths to Technology with permission.

Transit is a public transport app that works pretty nicely with Voiceover but has some nice features for people with low vision too.

It works in many countries around the world. I’m filming from Melbourne, Australia so some of my examples pertain to our public transport network.

With Transit you can:

  • immediately see which public transport is closest to you and how soon it will depart
  • Plan a journey to an address or landmark
  • Be given warning alerts and notifications when traveling that you are approaching your destination stop.
  • Simulate a destination to find out what public transport is nearby

Transit App Resources

I am creating a series of tutorials about this app. This first one outlines the layout of the main screen.

Transit App Video Tutorial Series


Posted by Marion MyhreAug 20, 2018

Thank you for developing this simple tutorial podcast to explain your Transit App. I am thinking this could be a simple App for my (future) students. I am just beginning as a student in the O & M program at UMASS Boston. Learning about technology Apps, such as yours, will definitely be beneficial for my future O&M students, either adult or children. Than you. Regards, Marion G. Myhre, M.Ed., TVI, HTR, Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, MA., USA