Tools Used by Blind Scientists

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Tool box full of tools and text, "Blind Scientist Tools"

Dr. Mona Samer Minkara is an Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at Northeastern University. Her specific area of interest is ". . .better understanding the chemical interactions that occur at the air-water interface inside the lungs. My goal is to use this research to engineer better treatments and methods of drug delivery." (Learn more Dr. Minkara here.)

Dr. Minkara shares about the tools that she used to complete her doctoral training and in her career. She organizes the tools by:

  • What are the tools that I use?
  • How do I use these tools as a student?
  • How do I use these tools as a researcher?
  • How do I use these tools as a teacher?
  • How can I advocate for the tools I need?

Sharing not only the tools and how she uses the tools, Dr. Minkara also provides numerous strategies on how she completes a variety of school and career related activities. For example, Dr. Minkara uses "Access Assistants" and she talks about how she trains and manages her access assistants. She shares her process for recording, storing and organizing her audio library for lectures, research and projects. (View Dr. Minkara's Blind Scientist Tools here.)



Rytey interviews Dr. Minkara in the It's My Job! Podcast #16