There's a New Light in Town! APH Light Box

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Image of APH Light Box with text," APH Light Box Updates"

From APH:

In an effort to comply with the U.S. government’s initiative to phase out florescent tube lightbulbs, the current version of APH’s Light Box (1-08669-00) has been discontinued, effective June 2019. Don’t worry – there’s “light” at the end of the tunnel! APH will sell an updated Light Box with an LED bulb, which is known to last longer and use less energy. APH eagerly awaits the arrival of the LED bulbs, and anticipates being able to sell the updated Light Box before the end of this year. We know that the Light Box is one of our most popular products, and we will continue to update you and our other customers as we work to make the updated Light Box available as quickly as possible.

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