Tecla Shield: Use assistive switches to access smartphones and tablets

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Tecla Shield is a small portable box that paired with smart phone, tablet, and/or computer.

How can a student with limited mobility use a smart phone, tablet or computer?  One option is the Tecla Shield, a small, portable device that is used by persons with limited mobility to access smart phones, tablets and computers using assistive switches.  Use Tecla, paired with your device, to send and receive emails, text, surf the web, watch videos, read a book, turn lights on, etc.

The Tecla can be used with up to 6 switches or wheelchair driving controls.  The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for a week (over 90 hours with continuous use).  The Tecla Shield currently costs $349 and has options of additional mounting devices, switches and packages.  

The Tecla pairs directly with an iOS device (no app needed).  Download the free Tecla Access app to use with an Android device.

The video below is a personal success story of a Tecla user.

The next video provides additional information about the Tecla itself.