Technology and Mobility in the 21st Century

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A smart phone running a map app laying on top of a tactile map.

A technology enthusiast, Robin Christopherson writes blogs about technology and how this technology can empower people with vision loss.

O&M Hint:  Be sure to check out the Part One post.  As O&Ms, we often focus on the turn-by-turn directions and forget about developing a mental map of new area.  Students and adults - with and without visual impairments - can use Maps to quickly glean important information about a specific location.  Great travelers have good mental mapping skills!

Robin's Blog:  The Power of Technology  In this blog post, Robin shares information about the accessibility of mainstream devices and includes his favorite accessible apps.

How Smartphones Help a Person Navigate: Part One  In this blog about technology and mobility, Robin shares information about Maps app, Look Around app, and BlindSquare app including beacons.  The Maps app is a great tool for turn-by-tun directions and can also be used to develop a mental map of the desired area.  Robin includes information on using Maps with VoiceOver gestures.

Mobility in the 21s Century: Part Two  In this blog about technology and mobility, Robin shares about future accessible tech that may enhance mobility.  'Smart wearables', autonomous vehicles, Wayfindr (open source for beacons), Cities Unlocked (360 degree audio headphones), and AI software (Artificial Intelligence).