Teaching Coding and Programming Logic to Young Students

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Dash robot; one of many physical games that teach basic programming logic.

Computers are an essential part of the 21st century and today’s students are learning fundamental knowledge on how to communicate with computers at a very early age.  There are numerous innovative activities and apps – geared for 4 year olds and up - that begin teaching coding concepts and programming logic skills to students.  Here are a variety of ideas and resources to help your students learn about basic logic and computer skills!

Computer coding is essentially a language that computers use. Here are activities that teach thinking and logic - without using technology!  Many of these activities include manipulatives and are great activities for students with visual impairments. 

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These interactive toys and games teach help teach young kids to code!

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Below is a list of the best iPad and tablet apps to learn coding.  These apps are geared for young students and some have accompanying physical objects (robots, Sphero ball) that the app controls.

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Note:  The majority of these coding apps are very visual in nature and do not accessible with a screen reader.  Some apps are partially accessible.  Daisy the Dinosaur, a free app with easy drag and drop interface teaches kids to sequence commands that make Daisy move.  The app works with VoiceOver (the iPad's built-in screen reader); however, when Daisy follows the commands, it is all visual.  A blind student would not know what Daisy is doing.

Screenshot of Daisy the Dinosaur coding app.


Posted by Diane BraunerJan 31, 2017

Maria, thanks for sharing this resource for programmers.  We hope more programmers are aware of and interested in accessibility as they create their apps!