Taptilo Blocks: Braille Cell Key Chain

Featured Image: 
Three colorful Taptilo Block Key Chains: each block has 6 pins that push in or out to create braille letters.

Taptilo Blocks are now publically available!  Each colorful block is a jumbo braille cell - the perfect size for little hands to hold and play with.  The pins are easily pushed in or out to create braille letters.  This is a fun way to expose young students to braille letters and concepts!

The Taptilo Block is in the form of a key chain - many students - including older students - like to attach the block to their long cane.  

The Taptilo Block is available for $10 on the Taptilo website.

Taptilo smart device has a bottom row of 9 braille cells; the top row has removable Taptilo blocks.  There are three control buttons on the right side of the device.The blocks are now being sold individually.  The full Taptilo game is an electronic device that is paired with an iOS app.  Taptilo is designed to help emerging braille readers learn to read and write braille through a variety of fun, interactive activities.  These activities include tractile braille blocks that are similar to the individually sold Taptilo Block.  The full Taptilo game is anticipated to be publicly released in July 2017.  For more information about Taptilo, see the Paths to Technology post, Taptilo: New Smart Device to Teach Braille