TalkBack: Android Screen Reader Help Center

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Android robot and TalkBack symbol (hand on orange background)

Android Accessibility Help has a comprehensive page focused on how to use TalkBack, the Android screen reader.

Topics include:

  • Get started on Android with TalkBack
  • Turn on TalkBack
  • Explore by touch in TalkBack
  • Get to know your Home screen with TalkBack
  • Use TalkBack gestures
  • Get started with Android and TalkBack settings
  • Answer and hang up calls with TalkBack
  • Use TalkBack to browse the web with Chrome
  • Use global and local context menus
  • TalkBack keyboard shortcuts
  • Learn about all TalkBack settings 
  • Disable TalkBack

Additional Android accessibility topics include:

  • Braille support for Android with BrailleBack
  • Control Android by voice with Voice Access
  • Switch access for Android
  • More Android accessibility features
  • Support and updates