Survey of Users with Low Vision #2

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WebAim logo and text, Survey of Users with Low Vision

WebAIM conducted its first survey of users with low vision in 2013. Their second survey is available for completion by September 30, 2018. These surveys are used to inform development choices for those creating accessible web content and web standards.

Teachers and Students: Students with low vision may have needs that are different than adults with low vision. In the 21st Century paperless classrooms, accessible textbooks, online resources, and online high-stakes assessments need to be fully accessible for all students. Adults with low vision are answering the survey questions; however, students should be advocating for their needs too! Please take a few minutes to provide feedback - YOUR input does matter!

For more information about the survey, to view the previous survey results and to take the survey, go to Survey of Users with Low Vision #2 here.