Super Tile Smash: Accessible Smart Phone Game

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Super Tile Smash logo

Super Tile Smash is a fully accessible puzzle game.  The layout is a 4x5 grid with various shapes/objects/colors on the screen.  Drag your finger around the screen to find two matching tiles that are touching (side-by-side, up-and-down, diagonally).  VoiceOver will say the object and then the grid location.  Example: In the screenshot below, the top left corner has a diamond, to the right of the diamond is a circle.  When you drag your finger across, VoiceOver will announce, "Diamond 1,1; Circle 2,1).  When two matching objects are touching, double tap to select the tile.  The tile will be destroyed and new shapes drop down from the top. The game menu is located at the bottom of the screen.

screenshot of Super Tile Smash game: 4x5 grid shows diamonds, circles, pyramids, etc.

Teacher Hint:  This is a great game to teach/practice spatial concepts and to teach spatial relationships in a grid or table type format.  Understanding spatial concepts is a critical component of math, graphs and charts, and orientation and mobility skills!

The video below demonstrates the game at a higher level with special rocket, side winders and cross fires tiles.

Super Tile Smash in the App store

Super Tile Smash in Google Play