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Sprint Corporation, commonly referred to as Sprint, is a U.S. telecommunications holding company that provides wireless services and is an internet service provider. KNFB Reader is a mobile OCR app designed specifically for users who are visually impaired or blind. Take a picture and the app converts the text so that it can be read aloud or read via a refreshable braille display.

Effective Nov. 17, 2017 Sprint and KNFB have partnered: add a new line of service or qualifying upgrade and receive a redemption code to receive the KNFB Reader app at no cost!

Learn more about this offer here or contact Sprint Accessibility Care at 855-855-7568.



Posted by Kathleen KellyMay 18, 2018

I just signed up for Sprint Unlimited (today) and was wondering if I can receive this app? I am visually impaired and have heard a lot about the benefits of this app. I have an iPhone SE.

Thank you!

Posted by Diane BraunerSep 04, 2018

Call (855) 885-7568 and ask a Sprint representative for KNFB Reader Enterprise.

Please be sure to download the KNFB Reader Enterprise app, not KNFB Reader for $99.99. The KNFB Reader Enterprise app is listed free in the app stores and can be activated with your free KNFB Reader Enterprise License from Sprint.


Posted by niuloojDec 01, 2018

How to install or download the knFB reader Enterprise and what's the difference between knfb reader and the knfb Enterprise

Posted by Diane BraunerDec 01, 2018

The KNFB Reader Enterprise and the KNFB Reader is the same software and works exactly the same. The difference is that KNFB Reader is typically $99.  The KNFB Reader Enterprise is provided at no cost for qualifying Spring customers. KNFB Reader Enterprise is available in the App store but requires an activation code, which is provided by Sprint. Initially, Spring customers who purchased a new line of service or eligible upgrade through Sprint Accessibility are eligible for the activation code. This program was started in 2017 and appears to still be active. Please call (855) 885-7568 and ask a Sprint representative for KNFB Reader Enterprise. Sprint will provide you with eligibility details and the activation information.

KNFB Reader Enterprise in the App Store.

KNFB Reader in the App Store