Snowman Stories: QR Codes

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Image of the book cover "The Biggest Snowman Ever", QR code, and text, "Snowman Stories QR Codes".

Read aloud stories (video books) and QR codes is a popular way to turn students on to the joy of books. These stories are also a great opportunities to support good listening skills for all students - including students with visual impairments!

Students with Low Vision

Some students with low vision focus their energy on using their functional vision, sometime to the detriment of developing good listening skills. Low vision students who are NOT introduced to listening to books at an early age, may struggle with gleaning information auditorily or may be resistant to using auditory books in higher grade levels, when the content is complex and lengthy. Being introduced to listening at an early age, helps young students develop good listening skills and encourages the brain to process auditory information. While young students who use magnification or large print may be able to keep up with their peers, they may find reading text visually challenging in higher grades that require reading chapters of text at a time. Students who require strong magnification and have to scroll to access the visual text, will definitely benefit from good listening skills. Listening is another tool in the toolbox and that will enable older students to access educational content efficiently. All students should be introduced to listening skills - through motivating books - at an early age.

Snowman QR Code Stories

Here are 6 free Snowman QR Code Stories shared by First Grade Fanatics. The website includes a writing prompt, word search and snowman art activity. These print activities can be modified so that students with low vision or blindness can access them digitally.  Low vision students can use an annotation app to type/draw directly on a photo of the activity or make an accessible word document so that students can access the worksheets with a screen reader.

Note: Snowman Stories can also be downloaded as a PDF from the First Grade Fanatic website.

More information on Video Books and QR codes here.