ShapeTones App: An accessible audiovisual memory game

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Logo: 9-sided white star on blue background.

ShapeTones is an audiovisual memory game for iOS devices.  This game uses a sequence of 3 shapes and tones.  The student tries to duplicate the tones by tapping different areas of the screen.  (Tapping the top portion of the screen creates a higher tone while tapping the lower part of the screen creates a lower tone.)  With one player, the sequence is automatically created.  With two players, the first player creates the sequence and the second player tries to replicate the sequence.  While fun for everyone, ShapeTones was created specifically for student with visual impairments and blindness.

Teachers and O&Ms: This is a wonderful, very basic game to start teaching spatial concepts and sonification.  (Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information or perceptualize data.)  Sonification is used to convey complex math equations (i.e. talking graphing calculator uses sonification) and is being incorporating into new technologies to help represent digital data visualizations (i.e. digital charts, tables and graphs).